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3 reasons Upselling gets you Customer loyalty

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Have you ever thought that upselling will not only get you more revenue but also customer loyalty?

Upselling is a technique in which you motivate your guests to purchase more or take an upgrade on their bookings.

It is the best way to earn extra revenue for your hotel. And also it improves customer satisfaction.

As per the current situation of the hotel industry, Upselling is very necessary.

Most of the online bookings are routed through Online Travel Agencies. Now, this raises two main issues for us.

One is the decreased margin due to high commission rates and the second is lesser of direct bookings.

Upselling solves both these issues for us. So let us check out the ways upselling helps us is gaining customer loyalty and a better business.

The first thing that we have to keep in mind is how a customer is benefited.

It is a simple thing to understand that if we want people to buy more then we will have to give them the reason for that.

If we are able to justify why they should spend more with us then we are through.

If we take an example, then let us assume that someone is looking for your hotel.

And he sees an offer that if he buys breakfast along with his booking then he will only have to pay $30 instead of $50 for that breakfast service.

So this is an alluring offer. A direct saving of $20 is the reason that will motivate them to upgrade there booking.

Upselling is easier than gaining new customers. And it is also cheaper.

The reason behind it is also very simple. if a customer os already paying you then it means he trusts you.

The customer will prefer you on others and buy a service apart from the rooms that you are offering instead of looking out for it.

In a similar fashion, if a customer is new to you then you will have to first win his trust which is not easy.

And this is why it is easier to upsell than acquiring new customers.

The reason is also the customer’s inertia to search for other vendors.

For example, if a customer is getting breakfast delivered to his room then why will he take the pain to go out and search for it.

We know that a hotel is not just a place to stay these days. A hotel has to offer a complete meaningful stay experience.

You will have to entrap the whole customer journey to your hotel.

When a person is away from his home lodging is not his only need.

When a guest stays in a hotel he needs various things during his stay. We need to have all these required features a guest may need.

Apart from stay, he will need meals, recreational activities and other stuff like that.

When we try to give these facilities it completes the stay experience.

And this results in customer loyalty as he is getting everything at a single place.

Upselling is a practice that every hotel should adapt to.

You might think most of the hotels already providing such services then what’s the difference.

Well, it is not about just having the services. As I mentioned that upselling is a technique.

From your website to your front desk you will have to put options in front of your guests.

Combine your services with rooms that offer a discount on the combinations. Rollout upgrade offers. This will get you better results.

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