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Top 7 reasons for hotels to adopt Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is simplifying the way business including hotels. Day by day businesses are migrating over the cloud and why not?

Cloud computing is cost-effective, simple, and efficient. It has given business so many functionalities to play with that it has become difficult to resist, especially for the small hotels.

Ergo, the time has come for the hotel industry to adopt cloud computing. And to support this statement I have tried to gather some of the reasons.

Cloud computing has given an option to work from anywhere on any smart device through the internet. It makes you independent of the location of our hotel you can access your system anywhere anytime.

According to a report from Microsoft,

SMBS agree that the IT department must present an opportunity for the company to grow in revenue
(68%) and address the requirement to work anywhere at any time (66%)

This means 68% of the small business wants an IT solution for their business and 66% wants a remote solution.

As we know nowadays Hotels have to have an advance hotel management system. So the licensing cost, hardware cost, and maintenance are some of the costs that hotels pay.

On-premise servers are very expensive to install and maintain while cloud computing can reduce the cost to half.

The introduction of SaaS has addressed the issue. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is like your email accounts as the email services are also SaaS.

In SaaS, you will buy a subscription form a vendor and that’s it. The vendor will have the responsibility of managing the application, data, runtime, middleware, storage, and network.

Also, you do not have to make a huge one-time payment in lieu you can pay small amounts on a regular basis.

Every Hotelier wants an expansion in the business. And what do we not do to achieve that?

But as the business increase, the load on our server also increase and then we come to a situation when the server needs an expansion.

Now, the on-premises solutions are not as much elastic as the cloud solution additionally they require a lot of resources also for the expansion.

Cloud is highly elastic and flexible so you can easily increase its capacity to support the growth of your business.

Cloud has a very fast processing speed. Its automated nature increases your hotel’s efficiency. A lesser scope of human error makes the cloud much more reliable than other technologies.

Cloud can automate the various operations in your hotels like emails, inventory updates, reservations, payments, and housekeeping which make your hotel efficient.

Cloud-based solutions like QloApps helps you to manage your Hotel with just a few clicks.

With a physical server, there are a lot of threats to your data. Your physical data is always prone to data loss due to a natural disaster or data theft.

In the cloud, there is no physical data so it is safe to a much higher level. The data is not kept anywhere so it is cannot be destroyed and regular backups make it even safer.

When you have migrated to the cloud then you have to take care of your server. The cloud server is handled by the experts and you become free to concentrate on your business.

Not only you are free from managing the server but the cloud is also very fast. So the resource management time is has decreased from days to minutes.

The guest expectations are going up with exponential rates. Now, just a serene shelter and scrumptious food are not enough for them.

They want personalized experience and high-quality services. Cloud helps to gather and store data for your clients and use them in your interest.

Use an analytics tool and try to give your guest the most personalized experience that they cannot expect.

We aspire to serve the hotel industry with our product QloApps and that process we have taken a step forward by launching the QloApps Forum. So please raise any of your issue on our Forum.

For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket.

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