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Tips To Make First Hotel Visit Memorable in Your Digital Age.

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For making the first hotel visit memorable it is important to take care of the customer and their likes and dislikes.

It is very well understood that the first impression is the last impression. This is applicable to all kinds of business.

The first user experience help to hold the customer for the next visit. Once any customer had a pleasant experience they can be a loyal customer for you.

As well with the good reviews from them, hoteliers can generate another four customers. So here further we will discuss why the first visit is important and how we can make it memorable.

The first visit of any customer is important because it affects the customer bandwidth in your hotel.

The first visit makes a memorable impression on the mind of the customer. This allows them to become a loyal customer of your hotel.

This will be helpful in increasing the number of customers and useful in the brand making.

So it is necessary to know tips to make the first visit memorable in your hotel in the digital age.

Here are some social media methods that can be practiced to make the first visit memorable

First, we talk about the social media platform. Take the time to respond to internet reviews, whether they’re on Google, TripAdvisor, or Facebook.

Encourage them after their visit and, of course, continue to provide an excellent guest experience.

Have a social media presence that is active and shows that your hotel is a living, breathing entity.

Travelers want to know what makes your hotel so special, and your social media platforms may give them an idea of what to expect during their stay.

OTAs and channels should be optimized that help in maintaining up-to-date and detailed online travel agencies.

Sourcing profiles is one of the finest ways to impress hotel guests before they even book with you, whether it’s for leisure, corporate travel, or anything else.

Someone has made a reservation at your hotel. Now is your moment to demonstrate that you provide excellent customer service.

That involves making sure all pre-stay communication is detailed and helps you to learn about their stay’s nature.

Try to know your visitors and exactly what is the reason for their visit? Are they coming for business or pleasure? This is helpful in showing care toward them and creating an exceptional experience

Therefore here we will discuss a few methods for the same below:

  • Vouchers for sale Offer museum or sightseeing coupons after you know the purpose of their visit .
  • Emails sent before arrival: Before your guests ever arrive at your hotel, establish a rapport with them by sending emails.
First Hotel Visit greeting

Your employees play an important role in the entire guest experience, and their interactions with select guests can make or break an experience.

Have you ever encountered a cranky, disrespectful, or just useless member of staff in a store, restaurant, or hotel?

To make a lasting impression on hotel visitors, make sure your team gives an unrivaled experience. Here’s how to do it:

Showing guests you care is crucial for great customer service. Let’s understand this with an example of a 70-year-old last is unable to walk and then provides her wheelchair to reach the room.

Hold regular training sessions on the latest customer care trends to understand what Customer wants and needs are always changing.

Giving staff regular training sessions will ensure that the whole staff force is up-to-date on trends. It also gives you the chance to address any areas for improvement.

Introducing an employee of the month program is helpful in Incentivizing high standards and is a go-to for many organizations, and for hotels.

It may give staff extra motivation to provide the best customer care possible.

You may engage with your guests digitally right after they arrive at your hotel in a variety of ways.

Some of these digital engagement tactics can assist you not only improve the guest experience but also market your business.

You can utilize digital screens in your lobby to market your services and show off images of your property as well as individuals enjoying your services and amenities.

Your Wi-Fi connection can also be used as a marketing tool, directing consumers to your website or landing page.

Here you can showcase your hotel easily. Like advertisements on how hotels arrange parties.

Show the latest review of the past customers to a customer who is currently staying in a hotel.

Show the achievements on the landing page after connecting with the wifi.

Smiling and kind gestures play a vital role in the guest’s welcome and greetings. It is a kind of nonverbal communication. It shows that you are happy about the arrival of your guest.

In addition to verbal communication, strong visual communication is a key aspect in making a good first impression.

Communication with a smile, accurate body language, and being groomed according to business standards are three crucial aspects of visual communication.

When an employee greets a guest with a genuine smile, it reinforces the message and contributes to the creation of a welcoming environment.

Employees must also consider their body language. The staff can learn how to communicate with a customer by observing the guest’s body language.

Staying in touch with customers after they’ve left is a certain way to show them you care about their experience, and it can help you get more return business.

It will be critical to time this contact right in order to maintain a good post-stay experience.

  • Make contact as soon as possible: Within three days of the guest’s departure, call them to express your gratitude for their stay.
  • Request a review: Don’t forget to request a review or a social media post from your guests.
  • Resolve complaints as soon as possible and in a professional manner: Make every effort to handle the situation and achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Make a suggestion: Promotions will keep your hotel in the back of the traveler’s mind. Whether it’s a discount for a future stay or anything else.
  • Make your offers more specific: Send them offers that are personalized to them if they signed up for your mailing list. Are they, for example, corporate business or pleasure travelers?

When guests arrive at a hotel, the first thing they do is create an impression about it; the staff can influence whether that view is positive or bad upon check-in.

If the consumer has a positive first impression of the hotel, they are more likely to leave satisfied.

If the initial impression is unfavorable, the personnel still have an opportunity to make the customer happy; they just need to work a little more.

Because, as many of the respondents stated, if they have a bad first impression, they will be more critical of the hotel in general.

The employee must be a professional in order to determine what type of compensation is appropriate in each case, assuming any compensation is available at all.

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