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Tips for promoting hotel on Instagram

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Promoting hotel on Instagram is a great way to create encouragement among guests to book their stay with you.

Because Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms among travellers.

More than 3/4th of the traveller’s post pictures of their trips on it.

Images are a great way of promoting hotel on Instagram and foster customer loyalty.

That’s why nearly any hotel can take advantage of Instagram as a marketing tool. 

With its core focus on sharing visually engaging photography.

Instagram is one of the ideal places for hotels and resorts to attract new guests or lure travellers back.

Through a single image or video, hotels can encourage fans to finally book that trip.

After you’ve created your Instagram and linked it to your hotel’s Facebook account.

It’s time to start utilizing your account to drive more direct bookings.

Promoting your hotel on Instagram to boost sales

Below are some tips on promoting your hotel on Instagram and how to get maximum out of this well-used social channel.

First, you’ll plan your strategy on Instagram to promote your hotel.

Explore what features your hotel has most enjoyed, be it the location, the comfortable rooms or the unique facilities that you have to offer. 

These days, guests are doing a lot of research with more accommodation choices than ever to find out more about each possible hotel.

For instance, checking out Instagram to confirm their decision before booking.

You’ll need to find out who your target audience is on Instagram before you share any content on your site.

The best way to identify the users that match your profile is to search for the hashtags they use.

For example, people who want authentic experiences use the hashtag #farmtotable.

It’s important to have a consistent post strategy to keep your audience engaged.

It is recommended that you aim to post regularly or even several times a day (morning and evening).

If your audience is dispersed across the world so they don’t miss your updates.

Make your hotel stand out with significant content on Instagram-post a variety of images and hashtags to your Instagram

Hence it gives guests an inside look into why they should choose your hotel.

Always keep consistency in your mind when posting to Instagram.

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is crucial to display the unique features of your property and engaging clients.

Developing a unique Instagram feed for your hotel will enable more guests to find your property and select you for their next trip.

Travellers (and users of Instagram at large) tend to like visually appealing food and travel pictures posts.

This means you’re sharing travel tips, pictures of your surroundings and tips on local food.

And don’t forget to add (and research) your own hashtags to go with this content.

When publishing, stop getting off as being too self-promotional.

Try telling a story the audience needs to hear, instead.

So sharing four non-promotional posts and one promotional post throughout the week is a good thumb rule.

Make sure that this fits perfectly with your Instagram feed when using promotional content.

You can show a picture of one of your rooms, for example, and tell your followers that the rooms are 15 per cent off.

Also, you can use a picture of your buffet breakfast on a Sunday and note the delicious croissants and hot coffee.

The Instagram Stories feature is a new aspect to the Instagram platform.

This enables an individual or business to post a 24-hour “plot” consisting of a picture or a short video.

Although it makes more sense to show unique images like the hotel’s professional photos as regular posts.

Instagram stories offer guests a real-time look at your hotel. People connect with people.

To truly connect with your audience, highlight individual stories or experiences. 

We suggest the creation on this channel of a collection of user stories and testimonials for share.

Inform the visitors about hosting a meeting or a party at the property via Instagram, send your followers a brief look inside the case.

This provides a practical view of your house and reminds your followers that there are places to rent for their next meeting or gatherings like birthday celebrations, etc.

Instagram users use hashtags for the platform-wide link with unique content.

Accounts may have hashtags in their posts to link users on that term who are looking for content.

For instance, if somebody is looking for images of an economic hotel, I can search for #economic hotel and find a bevvy of images related to it.

To increase awareness, we recommend incorporating a mix of branded and non-branded hashtags into your content mix.

Popular hashtags include:

#travel, #travelgram, # wanderlust, #instapassport, #igtravel, #traveler, #vsco, #vscocam, #traveldiaries, #travel, #travelbug, #traveladdict, #travelphoto, #hotel, #hotels.

Create your own unique hashtag, while also using general search term hashtags.

Hence, it will make it easier for guests to find you as they scroll through the platform.

We all are very much familiar with the phrase that, “A picture speaks a thousand words”.

Hence, to attract guests include breakfast in bed to chocolate-covered strawberries or something that can make a guest wishes they’ve been there.

Encourage guests to take advantage of those offerings. You can also display the offer of couples massages, yoga classes, etc.

Highlight those noteworthy experiences and service offerings.

Make it easier for guests to share your hotel’s attractive photos on their Instagram accounts by giving them the opportunity to post some exciting content.

Instagram is the ideal channel for showing off the personality of your brand.

Using this space to share with potential guests desires, style, and content. Use it to the fullest to increase brand image for your hotel.

If you’re a boutique owner, look for other boutique hotels in the region or hotels with a particular design or service that you’ll admire.

How do these accounts say, and what do their guests write? How much interaction do they get in their account?

Does their hotel feature unique dishware and elegant bedding that makes the Instagram post an aesthetically pleasing one?

Promoting your hotel on Instagram will surely boost your hotel sales.

The more you are acquainted with Instagram trends, the easier it will be for you to make minor but significant improvements to your property

Eventually, it will inspire visitors to share, and potential guests to make bookings.

Please share views in the comment box.

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