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The rise of Boutique Hotels

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Boutique hotels are a new trend in the ever-evolving tourism industry. Their popularity in recent years has increased exponentially.

With the unique features, boutique hotels target to provide more personalized features to the guests.

Today, in the time of bleisure travel guests seek a totally different stay experience.  They search for unforgettable and long-lasting memories in their journeys.

Boutique hotels are very successful in making the guest’s stay experience unforgettable. The design and modus operandi of boutique hotels are very different from that of mainstream hotels chains.

In this post, I will try to take a shot to discuss the success of boutique hotels.


Boutique hotels can be described as smaller hotels build on a particular theme and with a specific idea to provide more customized and personalized stay experience to the guest.

They bring a cultural taste to the stay of a guest, they are basically designed for this purpose.

The term Boutique Hotel was first tossed up in the early ’80s by Steve Rubell while describing his Morgans Hotel on Madison Ave, NY.

An article on tripsavvy beautifully explains the term Boutique Hotels.

According to tripsavvy  the main aspects of a boutique hotel are:

  • It is small in size. Ideally, it should have 10 to 100 to rooms.
  • It should strive for a unique attitude. The aim is to be one of a kind
  • The dècore of a boutique hotel should also complement its idea
  • Should be rich in local flavors
  • Ultra personal service
  • Should focus on F&B

The history goes back to 1706 when César Ritz opened a 58 room one-of-a-kind boutique hotel at Place Vendôme.

Then in 1822 artist Giuseppe Rubino transformed an old palace into a hotel with the name of “il Rubino” as a place of interest for travelers.

After that, in 1880 The Sagamore Hotel on Lake George became one of its kind by providing electricity to all their 96 rooms as an amenity.

And the list can be very long. But, twenty years ago romantics owned high style boutique hotels were proven to be trendsetters.

Since then, approximately every hotel chain showed interest in the boutique hotels. They either bought some of the pre-running boutique hotels or created there own to bring versatility to their bags.

And after that, the number of boutique hotels are increasing continuously and now they have become a trend.

Not only liking but people are loving these boutique hotels. But, as always a very common and genuine question arises ” Why?

There many reasons behind the success of Boutique Hotels but few of the key reasons can be:

The main attraction of a boutique hotel is its uniqueness. A boutique hotel is built with an idea which is entirely different from any other hotel the client has visited. They are created in accordance with the local culture and it takes the implementation of the creativity of its creator. Hence, boutique hotels are very efficient in proving an especial experience to their guests.

A boutique hotel should neither have more than 100 rooms nor less than 10. Their small size allows their staff to handle the guests more efficiently and hence giving more personal experience.

Many of the travelers like big hotels and their big lobbies but those how are searching for peace prefer smaller campuses.

The success of any hotel depends on its visibility to the guests. Hotels have to show themselves as a viable option to their clients and only then, there is a chance to get an optimum number of guests.

As many of the boutique hotels to do not belong to a brand so to get the attraction of the travelers they choose the best location in the town.

Generally, local people who live in the surrounding area own these hotels. So, the income from these hotels do not just fill the bank account of some business but it is also spent in the community.

If the money stays in the area it proves to be very beneficial to the local community.

Boutique Hotels do not belong to any hotel chains so they have the independence to innovate. These innovations create a unique experience for the guests and this is one the main reason behind their success.

One thing that matters a lot is personalization in services. Boutique Hotel generally does not host a large number of guests so they can make their services guest-centric.

Mainstream hotels have a standard which they have to follow. And the guest also receives those standardized services.

But as the boutique hotels are independent they can afford to customize their services.


Boutique Hotels have come forward as alluring options for the traveler and they are getting success too. But many times they do not have proper funding so they do not advertise themselves at that level. So many times they remain out of sight. Apart from that right now their path seems to be smooth.

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