The benefits of booking directly from Hotels

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Are you aware of the benefits of booking directly from hotels?

During the past two decades, the hotel industry has been experiencing tremendous growth.

And much of the credit for this achievement goes to efficient use of internet resources.

Millions of properties worldwide now give their guests the facilities for online bookings/reservations.

In reality, online bookings have become a standard because it is much easier for travellers to book hotels/rooms.

Booking with travel agents has its own advantages.

One can very easily compare side-by-side hotel rates with several choices at one and the same time.

Yet the direct booking of a hotel has several benefits which you can enjoy. 

While OTAs are very common in the travel market.

But you cannot ignore the benefits associated with making direct bookings at hotel websites.

Direct hotel reservations are more popular with committed, regular, unmanaged and leisure business travellers.

They concentrate more on comfort when travelling and schedule adherence.

A recent study shows that approx 60 per cent of hotel reservations are made directly via the hotel websites.

So it is very clear that the new age hotel client is pretty smart and believes in making direct reservations without any third party’s involvement.

Booking directly from hotels is more beneficial for guests

Here are the few reasons why booking directly from hotels beneficial for guests.

Hotels need to pay commissions between 10 per cent and 25 per cent of the total booking value when you make reservations via online booking sites.

Hence, when you directly call the hotels for booking, they save money on these commissions/fees.

Therefore, there are chances they give you a discount on these direct bookings.

You can try to get a better rate by directly calling or emailing the hotel, you’ll always get a discount.

A travel agency’s problem is that they’re just “vendors,” they won’t be able to accommodate your special requests.

Whereas if you book a hotel directly, you can speak to them directly and explain your requests.

They will willingly try to fulfil your needs and take care of your special requests.

Whether it’s your wedding night, anniversary or birthday, hotels should strive to cater as best they can to your special day.

Hotels will accommodate your special requests, they may provide you with some other benefits also.

These benefits are not available when you book through Online Travel Agencies.

Hotels might not provide these services or facilities for third party reservations as they already need to save on costs or fees charged to these reservation sites.

There will be times where you decide to prepone or postpone your stay.

But if you make your reservations via an online reservation system, the hotel may not allow you to do so.

Further, they will actually ask you to make those changes directly from such reservation sites.

In certain situations, the new date may allow you to pay a higher rate.

But if you’ve booked directly with the hotel, then they will be happy to make adjustments as per the availability.

And most importantly without any extra costs and difficulties.

If you have to cancel your reservation and you don’t fall under the free cancellation period.

Then the online reservation sites or OTA’s do not allow you to cancel your reservation free of charge because they have a strict cancellation policy.

On the other hand, if you book directly with the hotel then they will waive off cancellation fees for legitimate reasons.

Hotels also allow you to change the cancellation or deposit charge that you paid on your any future stay.

Hotels provide the best rooms or give free upgrades to those guests who booked directly with them.

It’s due to the fact that no fee they have to pay for these OTA’s or discount sites, which makes more financial sense.

The rooms are often overbooked as a common practice in the hotel industry.

So if they are unable to accommodate you due to a situation of overbooking, the hotel will (but not always) find alternate comparable accommodation nearby.

And those who have booked them via an online travel site or discount site will be the first person to walk or pass.

When you see a hotel sold out on every online reservation or discount website then call the hotel directly.

As most of the hotel just lists a portion of their room as an online inventory that is due to fee or paid by these websites.

When join the hotel’s loyalty program, you become their loyal members.

Hotels give preferences to their loyal members during check-ins, offer free foods and beverage credits to them, etc.

Additionally, the hotel offers rewards and additional incentives if bookings are through hotel websites.

With your every stay, they add-up points and redeem them for free stays on the future journey.

Hence, we can say that loyalty members have access to the lowest prices of hotels. There is no reason not to sign-up with these programs.

Because it’s only guests who will get benefits of best rates available in the market.

If you book directly there is a possibility that you will be able to get extra benefits.

Hotels promote direct bookings for those guests who book directly with them, such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast, free pick-up and drop off, free lounge access etc.

Booking directly from hotels can give you more benefits then booking with any OTA.

Not only you can save money, but there are many more benefits which you can receive.

You can cancel your bookings, gets personalize rooms, enjoy loyalty points which you can redeem later.

Other benefits are discussed above in details.

Please share views in the comment box.

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