Techniques to Surprise Hotel Guests this Christmas

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The end of the year is the busiest time for people as December is the festive month around the world. Christmas is celebrated in several countries. It is also a great time for travelers to head out of their homes with their family and friends.

Your guests will be enthusiastic during this season. But do you have some ways to make their experience unforgettable?

If not, then don’t worry! There are several ways to surprise your guests and make their stay even more exciting:


Do you remember the last time you were surprised with a business? Well, I do when I was offered a offered a complimentary drink in a restaurant, and it was indeed a great experience.

Such small surprises are more than enough to make your guests happy. It makes them feel like they have gained something extra from their journey. You can provide them free amenity upgrade, a free pass for an event or free spa therapy etc. when they arrive at your property.

Such surprises add more value to their ecstasy and help you build a positive image of your hotel. This, in turn, will help you get loyal guests that would love make return bookings.


When we are surprised with a personalized gift it makes us feel special. Now imagine if you offer your guests with gifts such as wine bottle or chocolate box that have a label with their names. With this personal touch, you will definitely win the hearts of your guests.

One more way is the welcome your guests with their names and upgrade their rooms or offer an extra amenity that suites their requirements. This shows that you do care for your guests and cater to them keeping their particular needs in your mind.


During the festive season, every home is decorated with Christmas trees and beautiful lights. You too can get your hotel areas like the reception or lobbies decorated with the Christmas theme. Your guests would not only enjoy the stay but also get to rejoice the festive season.

Secondly, updating special dishes like Christmas pudding or roast chicken on your menu will make it an even more interesting experience for them.


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