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Techniques for Hotels to increase group bookings

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Group bookings are also an important part of hotel revenue apart from leisure travel bookings. Most of the focus of hotels are on the leisure travelers and hoteliers tend to lose their attention on corporate and group bookings. These bookings can bring in a huge amount of income but are often overlooked by hotels.

Leisure travelers have various options to book rooms at hotels, whereas in case of group bookings, travel agents are in search to crack best deals for their corporate clients. So you can certainly gain group bookings for your hotel with strategies that are suitable for a group of guests.

Just like the leisure travelers then you need to look out for the factors that will provide optimum guest satisfaction these groups. The following are tactics to help you boost group bookings and multiply you hotel revenue:

Firstly, you have to find your target market. To do so you must understand your hotel and the amenities provided. For example, do you have a business center as amenities to win the attention of corporate groups? Or do you have banquet halls into host weddings and family parties?
If you do have such facilities then you can create and promote special packages for the groups. You could package the available facilities with the accommodation, which will add value to staying at your hotel.
At last the best way is to know what exactly you have to offer and study your target market correspondingly.

You can watch and learn a lot from your competitors. Check it out how other hotels in your locations attracting groups to their property. Try to apprehend the strategies they are using for their target group. Find out about what your competitor is doing differently from you.
After carefully investigating the competition try to devise ways that will help you to increase group bookings.

Nobody buys those products which they never heard of. Thus, branding and marketing are one of the top strategies to get known to the public. You can go for online advertisements with messages that attract agents that are hunting for group bookings at hotels.
Think about what will catch the attention of these agents. For example, you could market your special packages highlighting and show photographs of facilities of your hotel like conference halls or outdoor activities for groups that increase interaction between them.
Another way is that you may come in contact with booking agents and create packages that are best suitable their clients.

It is natural for hotels to change the prices as per the seasons. But when it comes to the corporate bookings then room tariff will be unchanged for a year. So it is necessary to offer rooms at rates that do not lower the RevPAR during any season.
Some hotels do offer group bookings at very low rates to attract corporate clients but certainly isn’t the good strategy. You need to decide rates that are appealing to the travel agents or corporate clients as well as beneficial for you.

By attending conferences and trade shows related to travel and tourism you can definitely increase awareness about your hotel. This is the perfect platform to interact with corporate groups, travel agents, wedding planners etc. Thus it is a perfect opportunity to pitch your hotel packages and generate leads.
Ensure to establish communication and build great work relation with the agents or corporate bookers.

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