Tactics to Extend reach of your Hotel

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There are thousands of people searching for a unique stay experience of a hotel. But is your hotel in the position so that such potential guests are aware of its existence?

If you want to capture the attention of other travelers, then here are some tactics that will surely extend the reach of your hotel:


Do you operate with just a few OTAs? Are those the popular ones? And do they generate enough bookings that increase your occupancy rate?

If you are happy then that is a good news, but if you aren’t then it is time to step up your OTA count. Getting your hotel listed on other famous OTAs will open a gateway to those markets which are not reachable by you.

But at the same time, managing so many OTA profiles manually is going to land you into trouble. You may end up with a lot of confusion as there are high chances of overbooking. Don’t worry, you can use a channel manager to save time and minimize the risk of annoying your customers.

Channel managers help hoteliers to synchronize their bookings between their PMS or reservation system and other OTAs. Therefore, you get a platform to display rates and bookings across multiple online distribution channels in real-time.


Another way to get higher online visibility is with SEO. With the following SEO tips you can improve your website which will bring it in organic search results for the target market:



In short backlinks are the hyperlinks from one webpage to another website. These play an important role in SEO as they have a huge effect on the ranking of that website.

The backlinks give message to the search engines that others uphold content on your website. When there are several backlinks the search engines concludes that the content is worth surfing. This has a positive effect on the page ranking and searches visibility.


Creative content

The website must be the one stop shop for the travelers. Your website must have all necessary information laid out in the most creative way possible.

Your website should include major keywords in the content. Use the content to convey the special services your hotel has to offer to the travelers to make their stay are an unforgettable one.


Reviews Management

The purchasing decision of 90% of the consumers is influenced by the reviews. Reviews help search engines to put up the accurate information about the products that have been used and rated by previous users.

Therefore, reviews account as a part of the way the search engines decide to rank the search results. So to take the advantage of the reviews add your hotel on most of the review websites like Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google etc.


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