4 reasons you should use Storytelling for Hotel Marketing

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Storytelling is not a new concept in the marketing world. Brands of every industry need a strong story to connect with their consumers irrespective of the size of business.

Who does not love a story? It is the best way to attract attention. With a good story, you get access to your audience’s mind.

I believe that this happens to everybody that you are scrolling your Facebook feed and then you suddenly stop at a post. It can be a video or a text or an image. But you take your time to absorb that content in detail.


Because that content was interesting for you. You enjoyed it.

Now coming to the main point, most of the time you will find this content was a story.

The best part of stories is that they have a moral in them. And if you’re smart enough then the moral of your story can be very fruitful for your business.

For hotels too, if you want to create a bond with your potential guests then start telling your story. Let us now check some of the benefits of storytelling for hotel marketing.

A great story means great content. A good can be an elixir to your content marketing campaign.

Many times creating interesting content becomes very difficult. And believe me for that. Our hotel industry has this privilege people want to engage with us themselves.

If we put some hotel or location photos or publish content in that relation, people show interest. But still many times that doesn’t work.

So adding a story to your videos, images or written content will bring life to it. It will ensure that they consume your whole piece of content and do not abandon it.

A normal piece of content is doesn’t retained in the mind. But a story sticks for a long time.

When we listen to a story we see a whole picturization of it in our imagination. Each word creates an image and sound in our minds. That is basic human phycology.

As a hotel owner or marketer, you have to cash this human nature.

If you associate a story to your hotel then you are on the go. Let us assume, that you publish a story on your website or on your social handles of a guest who is telling how his stay was.

The guest tells about the luxuries he got and all about the other good things that he got. The person who is watching that video will picture himself enjoying all those things.

So when he plans a vacation then you will be there as an option in his mind.

When you go to explain your business values and believes, they are hard to understand. And when your listener is not even interested then it is a dead end.

I mean, very less person is interested in listening to what you believe. But storytelling solves this for you.

When you present a story, one thing leads to another. The person listens with interest and ultimately get what you were trying to communicate.

When you pass on beliefs then you connect with your customers. The chances of the return increases. And in the end you get a loyal customer.

Now, this is your greatest asset. A loyal customer is more than what meets the eye. They create word of mouth for you. They are a free source of marketing for you as they bring authenticity to the brand.

In the end what we want? Bookings!!! The expectation of every marketing campaign is sales.

Authentic and inspiring stories naturally leads to sales. A story connects to your users, they motivate them to make a purchase. Not once, but again and again.

This is something that regulars ads do not do. They just present your brand in front of your audience. But a story bridges you with them.

They make users think about your brand. They instill emotions in your users. And that is why they more effective in getting you more bookings which is all we want.

So when you are going to share your story to the world. When you get out there and tell your story in the most authentic and interesting way then only will be the one benefitted.

There many more reasons that you should start your storytelling. Obviously, I was not able to cover them all.

So if you more reasons then let us know in the comment box.

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