5 ways to boost the standard of services at the hotel

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Customers pick hotels based on their facilities. Each hotel is looking to serve its clients better than others.

When the offerings are better than others, customer experience would be perfect. After all, they pay to get a better hotel experience.

A hotel should maintain a standard of services of world quality. When the hotel retains this level of quality then bookings will give a benefit.

An unsatisfied customer can have a word of mouth results on your company. He is willing to inform his peers about his poor experience. He can write on social media sites about it.

It is also important to know the needs of customers for the delivery of the service. Better quality will help you raise more money.

There are 5 methods in this blog to improve the standard of service.

  1. Better room service
  2. Value for money
  3. Proactive and quick response
  4. Regular contact with visitors and follow up
  5. Personalization improves the standard of services

In a hotel, the experience depends upon its room service. A guest is expecting that the hotelier will provide him better room service.

Guests will get angry if there is not an attendant to take their calls. At that time he is in need of room service.

It creates a negative impact on the guests of the hotel. So the hotelier response system should be quick and responsive.

Food that you are serving to your guests should be hot. How you are serving it also matters.

Housekeeping staff maintains the hygiene of the room. They are responsible for the cleaning.

The value of money means Customer’ experience in your hotel should be according to the price of the booking.

If we are not offering what for they are paying they will be highly disappointed.

Offer them free gifts, organize a little event in your hotel. Your little gifts will affect their thoughts about the hotel a lot.

Making customers experience better during his visit is vital. If he doesn’t feel that your services are value for money. He will choose another hotel next time.

If the manager is waiting for the customer’s complaints .and then he will take decisions. It is not the right attitude and affects customer experience.

If there is any regular customer at your hotel. So if any issue arises during his previous visits, then try to be proactive about those problems before.

Don’t give a chance to customers for complaints. Rather try to know before and then solve it.

Proactive and quick responsive service will give no reason for your visitors to make any complaint.

Set a system where you can take follow up from your guests regularly. It can be manual or automate the system.

Send them email notifications, personal messages regarding their booking. To know about his estimated arrival time is also important.

Build your email template which attracts his attention.

When they are staying in a hotel make regular conversations Give them treatment like VIPs.

And if someone is visiting the first time in your hotel then VIP like service is very important.

The hotel takes to follow up since customers make a booking. The customer wants any type of change or personalization by following him up you can know easily and early.

Everyone likes when they get service according to their preferences. You can arrange services in a room according to visitor choice.

Personalized service will give a positive impact on your hotel brand. While making a booking in your hotel, you can ask customers about their preferences.

A person who is coming for a business trip has different expectations. And a couple who is coming to celebrate his anniversary will have different preferences.

By personalization, a hotel can meet customers’ needs better. It also creates loyalty towards your hotel.

So for serving your customers at the best level. First, a hotelier should analyze and know the customer’s needs.

Personalization is very effective in making a good experience. Follow the proactive approach rather than reactive to counter any possible problem.

The use of technology like CRM software is also helpful. Service should responsive and personalized. A guest likes it when he will get extra from his expectations.

QloApps helps in maintaining all your hotel related activities. You can serve your customers and meet their needs. For further details read our blog.

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