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Tips to manage Hotel’s Social Media in COVID-19

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Social Media in COVID-19 has gained importance like never before. 

Covid-19 is gripping the world which is disastrous both healthwise and economy-wise. Businesses are struggling to keep pace with the current situation.

And amongst all the industries, the hotel industry is at the front line taking some hard blows. 

Hence, there is a strong need that hotels maintain a proper, effective, and continuous communication with the users. 

Most of the world is under lockdown and soft quarantine so the general public is highly active on social media.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are performing many roles in everyone’s lives. 

People are using them for recreation, for spreading knowledge and connecting to family and friends.

Hence, these platforms are also a good source of audience interaction. 

As a hotel owner, manager, or social media marketer, you must know this great opportunity is. You need to tailor your hotel’s social media presence with relevant content. 

This will help your audience and your hotel all along. 

So here are a few tips to manage your Social Media in COVID-19. 

Hotel marketers plan the content in advance. They always have a plan for which post has to go live and when. Many of us must also be using tools to automate our posts. 

But we need to think, is the content that we have planned to post is still relevant. Are we going to use our normal day content in such desperate times? 

The answer is NO. No, our normal day content will not work in these times. We can’t post content like “We are ready to welcome you summer”

That won’t work, instead, it will harm your brand reputation. 

So leave whatever you have planned for this summer and make a new relevant strategy. Talk about the current situation and how you are tackling it. 

And it is okay to post nothing unless you have the relevant plan and content. It is better to post nothing than posting irrelevant content. 

The most important approach in social media campaigns is social listening. You must take account of your audience likings before taking any step. 

We know that our audience is using social media as a way to see the world as they can’t travel. People are stuck at homes so they are feeling an urge to get out there. 

And in this urge, they have very few things to do. They are thinking, dreaming, and planning their trips after the lockdown. 

So try to hear them and understand their desires. And then place your hotel’s destination as a place they want to visit. Just do not think about your hotel. 

If people are traveling to your location then it is obvious that your hotel will draw some benefits. So need to lure people to your location so that you are in their future plans

It is not an unknown fact that people are scared. These are very tough times and pushing our marketing tactics is just not the right thing to do. 

Yes, a hotel has to be active on social media and on the other channels like email marketing but just try to stay connected. Do not overdo things.

You must carry on your social media campaign on the basis of location. Currently,  our world is divided into three kinds of locations.

One where the situation is worse, one with a moderate situation and one where there are few or no cases. 

You must not touch the location where the cases are high. Your main audience currently resides in the places where the cases are few. 

These people who are in green zones where there are no cases are also in lockdown but they are not facing a crisis. So these people have an incorrect mental stage to interact with. 

COVID-19 has affected the lives of people in around 200 countries.  It is a topic everyone wants to discuss.

People want to know how it is affecting the other parts of the world how industries are reacting to it and so on…

So you must talk about COVID-19 on your social handles. 

You should talk, spread knowledge, publish content so we can fight it, and what you are doing to get through it.

There should also be some content to motivate your audience. This will make existing users keep following your pages and also get you some new users. 

Then you should also talk about how you are managing the situation. You should tout about the step you are taking to make your hotel hygienic for future travels. 

Yes, COVID-19 has created havoc all across the globe. Yes, the situation is tough and cruel. The pandemic is affecting all of us on different scales. 

But we do not have to give up. We need to find a way out of this. Our business needs to survive during this pandemic because after this there is a myriad of opportunities. 

One such way to keep up is the proper management of social media handles. Social Media in COVID-19 is really very important tool.

I hope I was able to do justice with the topic.

Please share views in the comment box.

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