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Small Screen Revolution in Travel Bookings

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Mobile bookings have started to overtake the tour and travel market.

I don’t remember when I made my travel bookings on a desktop or a laptop last time, it’s always my phone doing the job.

Tourism Industry is shrinking day by day not in terms of business but in terms of screens.

Millennials’ lives revolve around portable devices. They are the most important customer group in both the mobile industry and the travel industry.

And hence, they are the most prevalent link between the two industries.

A North American company Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) has developed a mobile-first experience travel insurance for tech-savvy millennial travelers.

And, according to their director, millennials are looking for the transformational experiences from their trips, no matter if they are 7 days trip or 14 days.

Smartphones provide tailor-made experience to travelers by the courtesy of big data analysis and machine learning.

The travel apps are more personalized according to your travel routes, time, budget and means of transport.

By using your travel history, preferences, and feedback, these apps recommend and plan better trips for you.

Services like Uber provide the facility to track the ride in real-time. They are very useful and make the journey of a traveler convenient.

The use of IoT will take the traveler’s experience even further.

The new age travelers are influenced by social media reviews, travel blogs and recommendations from friends rather than the agents.

Mobile devices have allowed them to connect to the social media at each second of the day.

They click, right, and post from anywhere anytime. And for that purpose, they rely on portable devices.

Caring cash on a trip always had security issues. But now there are many apps which let you travel cashless and make payments on the go.

The travelers are preferring the portable smart devices but the question arises for the businesses in the travel industry that how to make themselves compatible with these platforms.

There can be many ways, but some of them can be:

One of the most important things is to have a mobile-friendly website.

Your content should be well presented on the small screen and this can only be possible if you have a responsive theme on your website.

Maps have been used by the travelers for a long time and today also the travelers rely heavily on maps.

One of the most used maps on mobile platforms is Google Maps, so listing your business on maps can bring you many customers. Google My Business allows you to list your business on maps for free.

Mobile phones are more used for texting rather than talking. So sending them promotional offer through messages will create a better brand engagement with the customers.

Listing on mobile apps of OTAs is one of the best ways to get bookings and get direct payment online. They can get you a large number of bookings with hassles payments.

Travel Industry has always taken every possible step to please their customer. That is why they have adapted to new technologies as soon as possible.

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones and hence it is the reason that the success of travel and tourism businesses highly depends on how they are amending their way of conduct of their businesses.

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