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Simple Email Marketing Tips for Hotels

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Earlier email was just a tool to communicate with family, friends and was used for official purpose. But it has transformed from a communication platform to a marketing channel. Therefore, today many hotels use email campaigns to promote their hotels and travel packages to attract guests.

But there is one more thing to be considered. On one side the expectations of guests are changing with time and on the other hand hospitality industry is becoming highly competitive. Also, did you know approximately eighty-two percent (82%) of customer inbox is filled with promotional emails?

Thus, it becomes all the more important to generate email marketing to differentiate your hotel to break through the noise. So you can consider the following tips to create effective emails to drive direct bookings:


A great way to reach your guests is by sending emails that target their personal preferences. To make the email appealing you can send them information regarding room upgrades, spa packages or any other amenity according to your guest’s interests.

Such emails that focus on the preference of guests ultimately make guests to open emails and most likely they would be happy to book a stay at your hotel.


One the most old school and effective email strategy is to send special offers to guests. This is because it is a quick way for them to react to special deals that are easily available to them. They don’t to have exhaust themselves by searching online for special offers.

Therefore, such offers successfully increase the click rate and significantly improve your bookings.


You know that it is very expensive to make new customers than to retain one. So, why not reach out to your previous guests and remind them about your hotel?

You can do so by sending them a discount on repeat bookings. This will help you generate direct bookings and turn OTA customers to loyal guests.


Email marketing is a cheap and effective marketing tool to communicate with guests. You need to test and find out the most effective type of email campaign that helps you to increase revenue.


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