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Room Reallocation feature for Front Desk operations

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Room reallocation is one of the most incredible features of Qloapps. This is a very useful feature in situations where a hotelier or the hotel manager has put some rooms under maintenance. When the guest arrives at the hotel then the manager can easily reallocate the blocked room with the room which is available for stay.

At times the reservations are made by disabled guests who require a room at the ground floor but have been allotted a room at second or the top floor. In such cases, the front desk operator can either reallocate or even swap the rooms to provide comfort to the guest.


To reallocate a room Admin has to:

Go to → Order Page → Select the required order

On the order page click ‘Reallocate Room‘ button which opens a pop up box.


On the pop box there will be two tabs for

  1. Room Reallocation
  2. Swap Rooms

In the room reallocation section Admin can:

-View the allotted room number

-Select any room available for reallocation



In the Swap Room section Admin can:

-View the allotted room number

-Select rooms that can be swapped


This is how the Admin can quickly reallocate or swap rooms to meet the customer demands.


For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at [email protected]

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