Reasons behind unhappy guests

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Do you know the reasons behind unhappy guests? Do your guests have high expectations before visiting your hotel? 

Are you sure they will visit again in your hotel?

To make sure that all these questions have positive results you must understand a few things that a hotel must follow.

Otherwise, your shortcomings will become the reasons behind unhappy guests.

Thus, it degrades your hotel brand value and impacts your sales.

Below are the reasons behind unhappy guests-:

  1. Untidy room
  2. Contradict from website
  3. Incompetent staff
  4. Extra charges
  5. Basic amenities unavailable
  6. No free WiFi
  7. Bad food quality
  8. Other Reasons

When your guests enter an untidy room, after a long journey, getting angry is normal. 

Guests book room in consideration of money. And in return, they see an unhygienic room that spoils their mood.

Expecting a clean and hygienic room is not a luxury. Change bed sheets, pillowcases, curtains before guest’s check-in.

Make sure the washroom is clean and dry, pieces of furniture are dust-free, and everything is in place.

Guests with bad experiences leave negative hotel reviews. Hence, it creates a bad impression of the hotel and hurts its goodwill.

Quite often, what you see is not what you get.

This is the case when you post pictures different from what they are.

Travelers rely on hotel pictures on websites. But, the reality is different from pictures.

In such cases, guests feel cheated.

To avoid this, always post the latest pictures of your hotel on websites. Don’t mislead your guests.

Otherwise, on your websites, guests provide negative reviews of the hotel.

A single staff of a hotel can make or break its impression. As they represent the whole hotel, they must be well trained.

Handling guests with ease and understanding their needs is vital for hotel staff.

Staff exhibit unprofessional behavior and lack of skills impact hotel brand value. Skills required for the job and polite behavior are traits crucial for the hotel staff.

The rude tone of voice, delay service, lack of skills to solve issues, etc. make your guests unhappy.

After the arrival of guests inform them of the items included in the price they are paying.

Guests must be clear about those items they have to pay an extra amount.

Extra charges are added to the guest’s account. 

The items may include phone calls from the hotel’s phone, snacks they consume, drinks from the hotel’s bar.

If guests still complain about extra charges, handle situations in a professional manner.

Give your guests a few basic amenities to make their visit memorable.

It is not necessary to give them expensive gifts.  You can give your guests small personalized gifts like soap, shampoo, oil, body wash, etc.

Also, the amenities in your hotel must be in working condition and clean. Examples are air-conditioner, mini-refrigerator, and hairdryer.

If the amenities are in poor condition it creates unhappy guests.

Hence, it will eventually affect your sales.

High-speed internet is the necessity of today’s lifestyle.

With people using technology in their day to day activities, wifi plays a crucial role. A strong internet connection is a requirement of hotel guests which the hotel must fulfill.

Guests plan their daily activities with the use of internet applications like google map, ola cabs, and other local apps.

Also, a lot of business clients depend on the internet to schedule their meetings.

With no wifi access on the hotel makes guests unhappy.

You can temporarily resolve your guest’s internet issue by giving them lists of nearby cafes and restaurants that provide wifi access.

The kitchen staff must follow some standards while preparing food. Even the smallest slip in one area results in food safety crises.

The staff members must receive enough food safety training to avoid any mishappening.

You must provide your guests with healthy, wholesome, and fresh food. Also, plates, cutlery, dining sets must be clean and free from bacterias.

There should be a balance in the combination of spices so that the taste of food is good.

Ensure there is no shortage of food items.

There are various other reasons which make guests unhappy. Following are some reasons-:

  • The hotel is in a bad location and too noisy at night.
  • The language barrier between staff and guests.
  • The unprofessional dressing style of the hotel staff.
  • Out of service swimming pool.

We can conclude that for creating positive hotel reviews and increasing sales of your hotel. It is essential to know the reasons behind unhappy guests.

And take corrective measures to keep your guests happy and satisfied with your hotel services.

Dealing with guest’s complaints and managing their expectations is crucial.

Offer sincere apologies and handle situations tactfully to convert guest’s discomfort into a positive experience.

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