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5 easily executable tips to use Quora for your Hotel Marketing

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Quora is one of the best platforms for hotel marketing.

It is a question-answer based platform which can be efficiently used to create an authority for your hotel brand. You can answer the questions related to your hotel and industry to maintain a direct communication with your targeted audience.

You can use it in many ways for your Hotel marketing campaign.

As a marketer, you can use Quora for Content curation, content promotion, brand building, and brand recognition.

Ergo, let us discuss some of the most usable and executable ways to take advantage of this awesome platform.

On Quora when you answer the questions you create an authenticity for yourself. You become an expert in your niche. You yourself become a brand which leads to better conversion on your website as when you recommend something people take it seriously.

But Quora is very sensitive about spams and marketing. So over promoting yourself or your brand can be lethal. Just focus on providing information.

You can add about information about your Hotel in your bio. But do include it in your answers until it is adding value to your answer.

Keep in mind one thing, that you have to serve the community. Otherwise, the Quora-moderators will collapse your answer.

Quora is very effective for promoting your content. You can share the links to your content in your answer and bring traffic to your websites.

There are 300 Million users on Quora monthly, ergo you can use it to spread your content like a wildfire.

But things are a bit tricky here. As I earlier mentioned that Quora is sensitive about spams and the users do not like spammy answers at all.

Your links should be relevant to the question you are answering and should align with your answer. Keep in mind ” relevancy is the key”.

So search questions related to your blog topics write a brief and to the point answer to it. In that answer put your blog’s link as a detailed version of your answer.

Content Curation is basically the gathering of content from different sources to publish on your website. And Quora is one of the most dependable platforms for content curation.

You can seek out Quora as the most reliable source of information thanks to their downvote and upvote mechanism and their moderation.

Search for any topic on Quora and will find information related to it. The community discusses almost everything.

As Quora is a question-answer based platform, it becomes very easy to make a communication bridge between yourself and the guests.

Drop a question asking how is your hotel and wait for the answers. You get an honest insight into how satisfied your guests are.

Answer your potential guests’ queries and clarify their doubts.  This way you will be to drive business into your hotel as a majority of travels check the hotel reviews on Quora also because of their genuinity.

Quora is full of experts from every industry. They there is opinion is very important especially in the Hotel Industry.

Follow some of the experts read their answers and articles and look for better ways to run a hotel. You can also ask a question directly to an expert also. This an awesome feature of this platform. You can put a question and request an answer from anyone.

How frequent we get such chances to ask an expert about our business. But Quora is providing us such a platform where it is just a matter of click.

Verily, Quora is one of the most informative social media platforms out there. And if you are willing to build an authority for your Hotel then it can be easily done by answering questions.

So if you are not using Quora in your marketing campaign then you are doing something wrong.

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For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket.

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