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QloApps Watermarked Images

One of the distinctive features of a watermark is prevention against theft or unauthorized use. Many other participants of the same industry can use your image without your consent. Hence, it becomes even more important to disseminate the information of authority over your products with the help of a watermark.

QloApps Watermarked Images Module is an add-on that will bring the functionality of adding watermarks on all sorts of images present on the front office website.

  1. Easy to use module.
  2. Upload any image of your choice to use it as a watermark.
  3. Apply watermark on various types of images of your store.
  4. Choose to show the watermark at multiple positions on the image.
  5. Enter the rotation value to rotate the watermark by a certain angle.
  6. Enter the opacity value to set the transparency level of the watermark.

The installation of any module is very simple in QloApps.

  • Go to the Module and Services tab
  • Click on Add New Module
QloApps Watermarked Images module

Click on the choose a file and upload the zip file of the module.

After uploading the ZIP file the module will start installing automatically.

QloApps Watermarked Module Installation

After the module is installed, the user can see the prompt for successful installation and the installed modules will be listed below.

After installation, the module adds a new tab ‘Watermarked Images’.

The user can configure the watermarked images from Back office > Options > Watermarked Images > Configuration

In the configurations tab, the user can upload the image (and then configure the settings which will be used to generate the watermarked images) which has to be configured for the watermark. 

After uploading the image, the user can see the following options for configuring:

  1. Position: The user can choose from the following for the watermark’s position
    • Center
    • Top 
    • Botton
    • Left
    • Top Left
    • Top Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Right
  2. Rotation Degree: The user can enter the degree from 0 to 360 to rotate the watermark image.
  3. Horizontal Offset: It is used to move the watermark from starting position. The user can add the % of the width of the base image.
  4. Vertical Offset: It is used to move the watermark from starting position. Users can add the % of the height of the base image.
  5. Relative height of watermark: The user can add the height in % of the base image which is to be covered by the watermark image.
  6. Relative width of watermark: The user can add the width in % of the base image which is to be covered by the watermark image.
  7. Opacity: The user can set the transparency of the watermark.
  8. Where to be applied: The user can check on the following image type for which watermark images will be generated.
    • Cart default
    • Small default
    • Medium default 
    • Home default 
    • Large default
    • Thickbox default
    • Category default
  9. Customer type: The user can select the following groups for which a watermarked image will be displayed.
    • Visitor
    • Guest
    • Customer
QloApps Watermarked Images Configuration

After configuring the watermark images setting the user has to generate the images. The user can choose from the bottom option or they can choose from Watermarked images > Generate Images

QloApps Watermarked Images Generate

Here the user can select the following images to generate the watermark images. 

  • All images
  • Header logo
  • Hero image
  • Hotel images
  • Room type images
  • Service product images
  • Hotel block images
  • Hotel amenities images
  • Invoice logo
  • Mail logo

The user can either enable or disable the erase previous images option. 

Note: To generate watermarked images for new images please keep the erase previous images option disabled or else previously watermarked will be overwritten. This option only applies to the current selection.

After clicking on the generate watermarked images button, the progress bar for the generated watermarked images will be displayed.

The watermark will appear on the selected images.

Watermark on QloApps front office

The user can also delete the watermarked images from the delete watermarked images block.

That’s all for “QloApps Watermarked Images Module.”

Above all, if you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QloApps Reservation System

In case of any query, issue, or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum.

Moreover, you can raise a ticket to connect with our experts for any assistance.

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