QloApps Marketplace

QloApps marketplace is an addon that will convert your website into a marketplace of hotels and rooms.

Admin can grant access to Sellers/Hoteliers to add and sell hotel rooms and earn a commission for bookings made by customers through the website.

  • Create or delete sellers on the marketplace.
  • Admin has option to approve or disapprove seller request manually or set it to be done automatically.
  • Allow or disallow sellers to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Admin can manage seller’s profiles, their hotels, orders and room types.
  • He or She can manage commission rate and tax distribution.
  • Easy to manage and add payment modes for sellers.
  • Admin can select ‘Super Admin Email’ where all marketplace emails will be sent.
  • Allow Sellers to use multiple language in Marketplace.
  • Admin can manage various mail configuration settings.
  • View total earnings of hotel marketplace as well as seller wise earnings in the back-end.
  • Manage seller settlements from back-end.
  • Admin can allow/disallow display of Admin commission to sellers.
  • Also, he/she can allow/disallow Advance Payment option to sellers.
  • Allow/disallow sellers to create customer wise specific price.
  • Admin can enter an email in ‘Super Admin Email’ so that marketplace emails will be send to that email.
  • Allow sellers to use ultiple language in Marketplace.
  • Admin can enable or disable various mail settings, and accordingly mails send to admin and sellers on happening of various events.
  • He or she can select the order status that will be available to seller for changing their order status.
  • Users can send request to admin to become sellers.
  • As mentioned above, to become sellers, users can send seller request to the admin.
  • User will receive mail regarding approval or disapproval of their request to become seller.
  • Sellers can view statistics of bookings and sales of current year and previous year.
  • Sellers can manage their profiles, hotel, room types and orders.
  • Select payment mode provided by admin and send account details to receive payments manually from admin.
  • View sales information with graph in the dashboard on marketplace front-end.
  • Edit booked orders. For instance, they can change duration of booking dates, add discount, add rooms and reallocate or swap rooms.
  • Sellers can view their marketplace earnings and admin commission from the dashboard.
  • Additionally, they can manage payment mode and add partial payments for orders.

Note: Look at the compatibility of QloApps Marketplace with different versions of QloApps.

  • QloApps Marketplace v1.2.4 is compatible with QloApps version v1.5.1 and above
  • QloApps Marketplace v1.2.3 is compatible with QloApps version v1.5.0 and above
  • Likewise, QloApps Marketplace v1.2.2 is compatible with QloApps version v1.4.0 and above
  • QloApps Marketplace v1.2.1 is compatible with QloApps version from v1.2.0 to versions below v1.4.0
  • The installation of any module is very simple in QloApps.

    • Go to the “Module and Services” tab.
    • Click on “Add New Module”.

    Now upload the zip file of the marketplace module.

    Afterward, install the module and configure it.

    After following these steps Admin will have successfully installed the “Marketplace” module.

    After clicking on the configure button, you will be redirected to the configuration page.

    There are seven sections in the Marketplace Configuration Tab:

    • Configuration
    • Manage Seller Profiles
    • Manage Seller Hotels
    • Seller Room Types
    • Manage Commissions
    • Manage Seller Orders

    Below I have listed the details of only the configuration tab. Other sections’ details will be provided as we move forward with the blog.

    Let’s understand the first section i.e., the configuration tab.

    It is sub-divided into three sections i.e. General settings, Approval settings, and Payment modes. Admin can configure them one at a time.

    Admin can configure general settings of the hotel marketplace from here.

    • Super Admin Email: Admin can specify the Super Admin Email where all the hotel marketplace emails will be sent to.
    • Marketplace Multilanguage: Enable or disable the sellers to use multiple language in marketplace.
    • Terms and Conditions CMS page: From dropdown, select terms and conditions CMS page.

    Note- If the admin disables the hotel marketplace multiple language functionalities, then the admin can decide whether the marketplace will be managed on the basis of “Admin’s default language” or “Sellers default language”.

    Admin can manage the marketplace page title background color and text color from here.

    Admin can manage the hotel marketplace mails settings from the mail configuration page.

    From’ title for seller’s mail- The text will display in the ‘From’ title in the Seller’s mail.

    Admin has control of order status. Henceforth, the admin has the option to allow or disallow sellers to change their order status.

    From here admin can manage various approval settings which will provide different functionalities to sellers.

    On this page, the Admin has options for providing automatic approval to users for becoming sellers.

    Moreover, the admin can allow the seller for updating the seller’s profile without the approval of the admin and whether the seller has to agree with terms and conditions while registering.

    Admin can manage seller hotel approval settings from here.

    Seller Room Type Approval Settings

    Admin can configure approval settings for seller room type.

    The payments are made by customers are credited to the admin’s account. Afterward, the admin transfers the seller’s share from his end.

    So, on this page, the admin can add various payment modes so that each seller can provide their desired account detail to receive the payment.

    Click on ‘Add Payment Mode’ to add the mode of payment and mention its name.

    After saving the details you can view the list of payment modes added.

    To become a seller in the marketplace, the sellers have to first register as a user and then they can send a request to become a seller.

    After installing the marketplace, sellers can create their user accounts and send requests to the admin to become a seller on the marketplace from the front-end.

    On clicking the ‘List your Hotel’ tab, a seller request form will appear which has to be filled by the seller to send the seller request to admin.

    A message will display to the seller stating that the seller’s request has been sent to the admin and the seller will have to wait for the approval.

    As soon as the seller submits the seller request, the admin can view the seller request in the “Manage Seller Profile” tab.

    Go to Marketplace -> Manage Seller Profile -> Seller Profile.

    Admin can approve or disapprove the seller profile from here.

    Note- If you (admin) have configured the module for auto-approval, then there is no requirement of the admin’s approval.

    After approval from the admin, a seller can view the marketplace account at the front-end under the ‘Accounts’ tab.

    By following these steps users can register themselves as sellers on the hotel marketplace.

    Admin can also create a seller from the back-end.

    In that case, the admin will have to first create the seller as a user/customer. Then admin can convert the user into a seller.

    The admin will have to Go to Customers -> Add new customer

    A new user/customer form will appear that the admin has to fill in.

    Now, let’s look at other backend functionalities.

    After creating the user/customer, the admin has to go to Manage Seller Profile -> Click on Add new Seller.

    Then admin will have to fill in the details of the new seller form.

    Admin has to select the payment mode and enter the account details that will be used for seller transactions.

    Hence, in this way, the admin can create new sellers for the hotel marketplace. And their list is visible on the ‘Manage Seller Profile’.

    Moreover, the admin can edit or update the seller profile from the back office.

    Go to Marketplace -> Manage Seller Profile -> -> Particular Seller Profile -> Click on ‘Edit’ button

    After clicking the ‘Edit button’ the admin can update the seller profile and payment mode.

    Admin can easily add seller hotels from the back office.

    Go to Marketplace ->Manage Seller Hotels -> Click ‘Add new Hotel’

    The admin has to select the seller and fill the hotel fields.

    Admin can add Seller hotel images.

    Admin can select hotel features from the features tab.

    To add room type from back-end admin had to go to Marketplace -> Manage Seller Room Type -> Add New Room Type

    Information- Now, the admin has to choose the seller and fill in room type information.

    Images- Next, upload the images of the room type.

    Price – Afterward, set the price of the room type.

    Base Price

    • Price(tax excluding): Enter the base price of the room type. Admin commission is 10 percent of base price.
    • Costing(tax excluding): It means price you pay for the room type pr day. It will not display to user.
    • Tax Rate: Select the rate of tax.

    Advance Payment

    • Allow advance payment: Enable it, to allow customers to make advance payment.
    • Set advance payment: If disabled, advance payment for this room type will be calculated by global advance payment value (i.e., 10 percent).
    • Price calculation method: Set percent or amount.
    • Value: Enter value of percent or amount you will charge.
    • Tax include: Enable to include tax.

    Specific Price

    • For: Set the specific price for the room type for all or specific currencies, countries and groups.
    • Customer: Mention customers, you can select all customers or mention specific customers.
    • Available: Select the date range for which this price is available.
    • Product price: Write the price of the product or leave the base price as product price.
    • Apply discount of: Write the discount you want (with or without tax)

    Intelligent Pricing

    Add a new pricing rule by clicking on the tab ‘Add Pricing Rule’.

    • Price rule name: Write the name of the pricing rule.
    • Date selection type: Want to apply this rule for a specific date or date range.
    • Date from-Date to: Likewise, you will have to select the date range (if you select date range under date selection type).
    • Particular days: Select the days if you want to apply this price for specific days.
    • Impact: Select the impact you want on price. Like whether it will increase or decrease.
    • Impact Type: Select percentage or amount.
    • Value: Value of percentage or amount that you will charge.
    • Status: Enable or disable from here.
    • Group access: Select the group who can enjoy this pricing.

    Adding Rooms – Add rooms of the hotel.

    Amenities – Select the amenities available with this room type.

    SEO- Write the meta title, description, and friendly URL to rank higher in the search result pages.

    Hence, in this way, the admin can add seller room types in the marketplace.

    Admin can set commission in the marketplace in two ways –

    • Global Commission
    • Seller Wise Commission

    Go to Marketplace -> Manage Commissions.

    You will redirect to the manage commissions page where you can view the list of seller-wise commissions, and global commissions.

    In that select ‘Add Admin Commission’.

    From here, the admin can select the seller and the commission rate to be charged from the seller.

    Tax Distribution- Admin receives all the amount that customers pay. The module calculates the tax amount according to the commission set by the admin for tax distribution.

    With the help of this, the admin can keep the whole tax amount to himself or distribute it among the sellers or between admin and sellers.

    The admin tax amount depends upon the commission rate set by the admin.

    Go to Marketplace -> Manage Seller Orders.

    Here the admin can view the total earnings of the hotel marketplace and the list of seller order details.

    After going to ‘View Orders’ the admin can view the list of orders for the Seller.

    Admin can go to the order detail page by clicking ‘View Order Details’ for a particular order.

    Henceforth, the admin will redirect to the order page.

    Additionally, the admin can pay the due amount to the seller manually and make settlements from the back office.

    To make settlements go to Marketplace -> Manage Seller Orders -> Go to a Seller Order -> Click ‘View Settlements’

    Afterward, the admin will reach the Manage Seller Transactions page.

    Here admin can view the seller earning on the marketplace and a list of transactions made by the seller.

    Now click ‘Settle Amount’

    After clicking the ‘Settle Amount’ button, a pop-up will appear where the Seller payment mode is displayed.

    Moreover, the admin has to fill in the payment mode information, enter the due amount and click the ‘Pay’ button to successfully complete the settlement.

    Meanwhile, the admin can also cancel the settlement by clicking the ‘Cancel Settlement’ button on the Manage Seller Transactions page.

    Admin can also repay the canceled settlement from the back-end.

    After repayment, the transaction status changes.

    So this is how Admin can manage the settlements.

    After installing the marketplace, sellers can create their user accounts and send requests to Admin to become a seller on the marketplace.

    We have discussed this in the blog heading, ‘How to become a seller?’ and ‘How to register yourself as a seller.’

    On the marketplace dashboard, sellers can view the stats for their hotel room sales, orders, and net profits.

    Moreover, they can also select dates from the calendar to view stats for that period of time.

    The dashboard also displays up to 10 recent orders and the best-selling seller room types.

    On the bookings and stats tab, sellers have the option to view the occupancy status of selected room types of a particular hotel for a duration.

    Sellers can add, update information on their profiles from the ‘Edit Profile’ tab on the marketplace front-end.

    Now, sellers need to add hotels to the marketplace.

    To do the same, they must go to the ‘Hotels’ tab on their marketplace dashboard and click on ‘Add Hotel’

    Seller will have to fill in various fields on the hotel page and save the information by clicking the save button.

    Moreover, now sellers can add hotel images after saving the hotel information.

    In the next tab, the seller can select hotel features.

    After adding hotels sellers can view the list of their hotels on the Hotel page.

    Once the hotel is created by sellers the request is sent to Admin.

    Then, the admin can approve or disapprove the hotel from the back-end.

    If the admin enables auto-approval of seller hotel then the hotel status will be approved automatically.

    When the seller hotel is live on the QloApps marketplace, they can start adding room types to it.

    Go to the ‘Room Types’ tab -> Click on the ‘Add Room Type’ button.

    Room type form will appear and the sellers have to all the room type-related information and save it.

    The seller can upload room-type images in the Images section.

    Room Type Price

    The Price section allows Sellers to set the base price, tax rate, advance payment, specific price, and pricing rules.

    Base Price:

    Specific Price:

    Pricing Rule:

    Adding rooms

    After setting the prices seller can add rooms for the room type.


    In the Amenities section, the seller can select and add amenities for the room type.

    In the Amenities section, the seller can select and add amenities for the room type.


    The seller can add meta title, meta description, and friendly URL for room type.

    This is how sellers can add room types in the QloApps marketplace.

    To view the orders seller will have to go to QloApps Marketplace -> Orders

    On the Order, page the seller can view the total earnings, admin commission, seller earnings, earnings received seller due amount and total orders.

    The list of 10 recent orders is also displayed. The seller can view the order details for each order by clicking the ‘view’ button for particular orders.

    This is the order detail page for the sellers. On this page, sellers can view customer details and order details, change the room status and order status.

    Sellers can also edit and delete orders from this page.

    Seller Order Edit

    Sellers can change and update the duration of booked orders.

    Room Reallocation

    Sellers can easily reallocate and swap rooms in the booked order.

    Adding rooms in order

    Sellers can also add any number of rooms to an order.

    Adding Discount in order

    In a few steps, sellers can even add a discount to the order.

    Once the orders are created, the seller can view the due amount which has to be paid by admin on the orders page.

    When the admin pays the due amount, sellers can view the list of payments by the admin.

    This is an order page that is visible to Admin.

    After adding hotels and room types, the customers will start booking rooms.

    Sellers can see the booking orders in the ‘Order’ Tab.

    From the hotel marketplace dashboard, sellers can select the payment mode provided by the admin, enter their account details and save the payment mode.

    This payment mode information will be used by the admin to send the seller his share of the bookings.

    This was all from the QloApps Marketplace. I hope I was able to clarify the functioning of the module to you.

    If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System.

    In case of any query, issue, or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum.

    Moreover, for any spport you can raise a ticket from here.

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