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Promote Hotels Via Facebook’s Incredible Features

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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms used by millions of people around the world to communicate.

Apart from that it is also a medium for people to discover new events, find new things to do, and explore new experiences shared by their friends.

The developers at Facebook keep experimenting and developing new features to increase interactions between people, their friends, and other businesses.

There are two such features that can be utilized by hotels to attract more customers and increase their brand awareness which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Whenever we need advice or need help related to searching for a new restaurant, new places to go, or exciting things to try, we turn to our friends for recommendations.

Similarly, Facebook provides a Recommendations tool to make this task easy online. Anyone can write a Facebook post asking for advice and turn on the Recommendations for it so that their friends are notified. Later when friends comment with suggestions on the post, they are mapped on and saved in one place. If the particular service has its Facebook page, it will be displayed in the comments.

The Call-to-action Button is like the cherry on top of the cake

Facebook has also introduced Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons to help local businesses have better interactions with people.

People can take faster decisions by ordering food, requesting an appointment, getting a quote for services, and booking movie tickets directly from the business’s Facebook page.

If a user will click on the recommendations posted by friends, they will be directed to the official page of the particular service. Then the user can make quick purchases by the CTA displayed on the service’s Facebook page.

What advantage does this feature hold for Hotels?

It is a fact that people highly consider online recommendations and their decisions are influenced if made by friends and family.

Thus, it is really important for hotels to provide their guests with a pleasant experience so that they are willing to suggest those hotels to their relatives. This will lead to indirect marketing as the guests will spread the brand name of hotels online.

Though at present there isn’t a direct room booking facility on Facebook pages because they haven’t introduced the ‘Book Now’ CAT button. But if it happens in the future then it will definitely impact the current booking process and will encourage hotels to shift their focus to providing a unique and unparalleled guest experience.

Another outstanding feature of Facebook is Events. Brands, Marketers, or anyone can create Events and use this great tool to spread awareness among thousands of users in a short amount of time.

Facebook also launched a standalone Events app to give an enriching experience to users who are always looking for fun and connecting to other people in the real world.

The Events app sends notifications to users about the events their friends are interested in going to, they receive updates from the pages they have liked or the events they are already connected to.

How can this feature be useful to Hotels?

Here are a few tips that hotels can leverage Events:

Firstly, hotels should discover any events taking place nearby their location on Facebook or through the Events app. Then they can market special offers and deals to attract users who are interested in attending those events by posting on their Facebook page.

Secondly, Hotels can utilize these features of Facebook to create and organize their own events for various occasions. They can launch their own marketing promotions directly from their Facebook page.

They can send notifications to their existing customers and encourage them to spread the news among their friends. Hotels can also use their Facebook page to manage ticket sales using CTAs and RSVPs.

Social media websites are massive virtual channels through which people are able to establish connections with other people and companies.

Hotels must use these platforms and their features to make a better relationship with users and turn them into loyal customers by creating appropriate online marketing strategies.


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