Planning for potential crisis in the hospitality industry

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Potential crisis is an unexpected and unforeseen financial, environmental, social or political phenomenon. It can significantly disrupt the normal routine of living.

And in the perspective of hotels, it targets their brand image and hinders daily transactions. 

The crisis affects the functionality and capability of a hotel. A hotel that does not have a plan to tackle these types of potential crises may suffer.

In any business, no one wants things not to happen according to plan. Because of it, hoteliers have to face a lot of damages. It can be a form of damage to people, property, and functionality.

In the hospitality industry, hoteliers can reduce the damage by preparing themselves for these potential threats.

Form a proper backup plan for correcting any type of threat in the hospitality industry.

Fire engine is standing near to hotel for potential  crisis of fire

Risk assessment is also required to know what can go wrong in the near future. So do the planning for responding quickly and for minimizing the losses.

Crises can be in the form of natural calamities, earthquake or floods. It also can be a man-made situation like a bomb blast, hostage situation by the terrorist.

There is no control over natural situations but a better response will minimize its effect.

The hospitality industry is always a soft target for terrorists. Terrorist targets tourist and negotiate with the government on behalf of their lives.

Any health emergency can also arise like COVID-19. Because of COVID-19 most of the countries are under lockdown and the hospitality industry is suffering financially. 

Any cyber-attack which can theft credit card details of your customer.

It should be analyzed from time to time that what is going on in your local area. To know what are emerging trends, environmental and safety issues.

Consider all the potential crises whether internally or externally which can affect operations. Do you have a secure website where no hackers can steal details from your website?

Is there a proper fire controlling system. And what about your security concerns for your tourists from any terrorist attack. 

It can be exhausting to think about all the potential situations you may face. But it is necessary to know about potential crises for dealing with them.

If you are ready already for upcoming problems then it is easy to hit the ground.

So after studying the potential crises now, we will have to develop a quick response plan. First of all study about the conditions most likely to happen in a given region.

Is it a flood zone or prone to civil unrest area?

After making the analysis of potential crises. Crisis management is very essential to anticipate the upcoming losses and critical effects on business.

 First look at the available resources, you have the techniques you need to deal with these kinds of circumstances.

Shape a protocol that follows in case, if there is some danger.

All plans have aimed to first securing the lives of people and then sustaining the incident.

To warn the people a fast notification is very important. Many safety procedures, including drills for every incident fire or tornado, should happen time to time. 

All moves to specified exits to vacate the building in an orderly way. Because the first aim is to save a life. 

Before building the hotel it is important to study the seismic zone. It is important to reduce the damage occurring because of earthquakes.

Train your employees and staff to handle these types of situations and don’t get so panic. Employees should help guests in evacuating that place.

The monitoring, alarm, messaging, notification and defense systems should be familiar to staff.

Have a reserve for any financial crises, so your business can sustain in the time of loss. It should have proper collaborations and relationships with security agencies.

You have analyzed all possible threats and you also have a plan to manage them. But if you do not respond on the time then it will cause a big problem.

At the time of any crisis, a quick response is very crucial.

For quick response employees and staff should have the proper training to react and work according to planning. 

Communication is equally critical in preparing for future crises. Since you can’t execute a proper plan without a proper communication system.

Communication is very necessary to tell guests how to react and don’t get panic in critical situations.

In the case of any emergency communication with all guests, employees, and staff .and also provide information to stakeholders, media and community.

Hence prompt response and coordination are very critical in handling the crisis situation.

Every industry has some risks and potential crisis to face. But they can anticipate by careful preparation and the swift response to these situations.

It is very vital for the hotel industry to sketch an outline for dealing with threats. Making a plan and its proper implementation is also very essential.

Hence on the basis of the above discussion, it can be concluded that threats can be tackled if we have a proper plan.

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