QloApps partially available room feature

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There are different meaning of partially available room feature for different people.

Sales consumers, chartists and wireless schedulers can experience partially available inventories regularly.

For two specific reasons, this can happen time and the state of sale.

Meaning of partially available concerning time is that the date range you have selected in your search have some availability in the time in the search range, but not completely.

For example, if you searching for availability of something in the month of February, and a face has one week already sold.

Then it will show up as partially available.

A room with partially available feature

Inventory space can be partially available because when a buyer buys in large quantities they have to pay a lower amount.

To compensate for scheduling delays, or product unavailability due to renovation, maintenance, or because vehicles may have been unavailable, promotions may make up shortcomings by booking bonus segments.

Bonus bookings are compulsory, in the case of large accounts, or optional goodwill.

These can all contribute to partial availability that may appear and disappear suddenly.

Some customers allow overbooking digital campaigns. In these cases, the chartist can reassign sold spots to a later customer for a premium price.

The digital scheduler will then work with the sales user of the original purchaser to change their contract and campaign to make up the shortfall.

Most customers accept that their ad buys can be pre-empted or moved.

Even after they are sold and showing in available search, their locations may be available for other campaigns, under the right circumstances.

Like any sales strategy, you must focus on a few key factors.

You must tell your guests how your room type will serve their needs and provide further add-ons to close the deal.

Hoteliers, especially those who own small property, tend to come up with too many types of rooms as they find every room unique.

While it is important to distinguish certain room features, whether, by explanations or naming conventions, it is also important to recognize that a larger number of room types means it will be more challenging to achieve a 100 per cent occupancy and can be frustrating for guests.

Let’s assume you have a small property and in every room, there is something special.

It makes sense to list each room as a different room type. However, for a big hotel, it is better to not exceed 5 room types, if you want to manage room effectively.

When your Property Management System is good, you can easily move bookings from one room types to another.

The need of an hour is a solid channel manager, Property Management System and booking engine. They all make inventory management easier for you.

Add-ons to the contract are also a good touch to conclude. 

For example, for a couple with a toddler, the most versatile hoteliers add an extra bed. A caregiver may be allocated to the room for the senior citizens.

Similarly, you can use a couch as an extra bed in a single bed or a double bedroom.

In this feature, you will have to pay for only that period of time in which you stay in the hotel.

No extra penny you have to bear if you are not using the room.

When you are using this feature in your hotel reservation system then you will not have to worry about the vacancy of room for part of the year.

It means there are fewer chances of an unoccupied room.

The feature of partial room availability can leave your hotel with happy and satisfy customers.

There are high chances that rooms are available for guests for their stay in the hotel.

QloApps is an open-source hotel reservation system and booking engine. And it is free of cost.

With the help of QloApps, anyone can launch his hotel booking website within few minutes.

There are a number of features in it like Paypal payment gateway is integrated with it. It supports multilanguage and currencies.

And is compatible with GDPR, PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7.

In QloApps, we have added the partially available room feature. In this, if guests ( let say A) want to book a hotel room for a particular time period or for a date range.

But if that particular room is already booked by another guest (let’s say B) for a longer duration of time and the dates are crashing. Then that room is shown as partially available room for the guest (A).

If the guest (A) wants then he can book another room for the day that is crashing. And can ask hotelier to reallocate him to the particular room after the room is vacant by guest(B).

Admin can also book the room from the backend. Admin can manage their offline booking also.

Here, admin can view the status of all the rooms. That is rooms whether rooms are fully occupied, partially occupied, available for booking.

By looking at the status you can see rooms which are available for booking for a particular date range.

Go To -> Hotel Reservation System -> Book Now

  • Select date
  • Select hotel
  • Select room type

Now, you can see the status of the different room types and book room accordingly.

We can say that as per different people partially available room has a different meaning.

But the basic meaning is when a guest selects a room to book for a particular date range, that room is available for a few days but not for a total number of days.

Please share views in the comment box.

If you want to learn about the functionality of QloApps then you can visit this link: QLO Reservation System – Free Open-Source Hotel Booking & Reservation System

In case of any query, issue or requirement please feel free to raise it on QloApps Forum

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