Mistakes to avoid that damage Online Hotel Reputation

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Online reputation is the key to brand recognition for hotels. A hotel’s online reputation tells a lot about it and this is what customers research before hand making a reservation.

As in any business, mistakes are bound to happen. But with awareness about the common mistakes hotels can effectively minimize the damage and instead improve their online reputation.

It is the best for General Manager to cater to customer reviews. This is because the GM is usually the person who looks after what the guests like or dislike about the hotel.

It’s his responsibility to understand the needs of guests and he has the authority to take decisions to improve the service.

But in some hotels, the GM may not have enough time to respond to the reviews. So the hotels opt for third-party customer service agencies for this matter.

This may send a wrong message about the hotel. Why? Because customers expect a responsible person from the hotel to answer their reviews. This makes them that the brand really care and listens to what its customers have to say.

So a better option is to select a diligent employee who is willing to go serve to the guest’s issues raised online. The employee must have the caring attitude such as empathy and patience.

Additionally, the responder must have great writing skills, as it will be a critical to establish a better communication. By taking these steps you will be presenting your hotel in a professional manner that takes its customer reviews seriously.

It is understandable to get negative reviews, but not responding to them is the worst thing that doesn’t set the right tone about your hotel.

When Customers report their bad experiences online the best way is to follow them up with an apology and promise them to make amendments in the service. This makes the customers happy and also puts your hotel in a good position.

The online reviews are visible to everyone. So your response to negative reviews will definitely impact the booking decisions of potential guests. It will bring them confidence and show them that you care for your guests.

The online reviews provide you valuable information about your hotel and customer. Through it, you can learn what things make your hotel an ideal place to stay in the minds of customers. On the contrary, you will discover what customers like or dislike about your hotel. So this will help you to improve your hotel in the areas where it is lacking.

Many hotels do miss out this point. Most of the guests are not going to give reviews about your hotel. You have to pursue them to provide you with feedback on Tripadvisor and other online review websites.



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