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Maintaining RevPar in Off-Seasons: Hotel Revenue Management

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Fluctuating demands in different seasons possess challenges to Hoteliers in maintaining their RevPar. Demand varies with significant value during these seasons, sometimes they are too high and sometimes it is too low.

In the off-season, the occupancy and RevPAR fall miserably hence to tackle the problem hotels decrease their rates.

Waving off the rates is not the best solution as it will not create the demand in the market and also it will decrease the value of your hotel. With this strategy, a hotelier might be able to sell some room but ultimately it will hurt the revenue.

So let us take a look at some of the ways to tackle this problem.

Loyalty programmes run by hotels become very beneficial especially when they are trying to earn some revenue in off-seasons. Loyalty programmes are not like directly waving off the rates but it is giving the discounts to returning and loyal customers.

With the help of loyalty programmes try to give your customers a reason to plan a trip and hence creating a demand for yourself.

Always collect the email of your guests. Send promotional emails and newsletters to your existing customers and call them to property with the help of lucrative deals.

Making packages and bundling services give hoteliers a chance to play with prices. And it also attracts people as they get everything at a place and they do not have to do the bookings of each service separately.

You can add a little excursion event or any of your services that will not hurt your revenue but on the contrary result in selling your other services as well.

While designing the packages hoteliers should keep in mind that they are creating a reason for the customer to plan a trip in the off-season so it should be attractive enough to motivate the customer to make a purchase.

I think a bit then what exactly is the reason behind the off-demand in a particular season. It can be the lack of reason to travel to a place. Obviously, who will like to visit a place for no reason and that is why I am trying emphasis on it.

If there is no reason then create one. Organize a public meet or music concert which can attract the tourists and give them a healthy reason to make a visit.

Businesses keep sending and receiving employees and delegates for many business operations. Now, as these travelers are visiting your region for the business purpose, they can come in any season of the year.

So tie-up with the local business to ensure that any of the business travelers that come to your local place stays at your hotel.

Companies also keep hosting various events for varied reasons, you must target such events as they are a good source of income even in off-seasons.

A well-directed marketing campaign can be very beneficial in off-seasons. Your marketing strategies can involve various methods of the modern era.

Do your hotel branding properly so that you can keep yourself above your competitors.

Make an attractive website with highly engaging content. We all know that these days a high-quality content is a necessity of any website to drive traffic. Your website makes your online presence and your content beautify’s your presence.

Online Travel Agencies bring the maximum amount of bookings to hotels. So for getting most of your hotel business you need to a good OTA strategy.

Selection of OTA and allotment of inventories to them are the matter of most significance.

Also, keep your rates and inventories updated on all the channels (OTAs) to avoid overbooking and underbooking. Updating rates and inventories on all the channels manually is a hectic task so you should use a quality hotel booking engine and a channel manager.

So this was my try on how to boost the revenue of a Hotel in off-seasons. Hope you like it!

So please express your thoughts in the comment box below. And your suggestions are most welcomed.

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