What lessons can hoteliers learn from current food and beverage trends?

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The food and beverage(F&B) sector is an important part of the hotel business. This can be inferred from the boom in the hotel industry in the Asia-Pacific region where guests are passionate about food being served to them.

The spending in the F&B has risen to up 11% in the Asian market. Whereas the growth rate in the in North America and Western Europe is 2% and 4% respectively.

Hoteliers are smart enough to understand this and are on their toes to provide best quality F&B to their guests. So with the following trends, hoteliers like you can provide the right F&B service to satisfy the taste buds of your guests:

Travelers are concerned about healthy and hygienic food. These consumers have now become so curious that they want to know everything about the food they get at hotels. Their focus is on how and where the food items being grown.

The trend for healthy food is such a hot topic in Asia that about 48% of Chinese consumers now prefer to cook at their homes due to health reasons.

Another aspect of this scenario is the pictures of food on social media. Travelers love to share their experience of the local cuisines to their friends and family over the internet.

Almost 62% of Chinese, 42% in Korea and 40% in Singapore consumers have agreed to share posts on social media about their food experiences every month.

Altogether you earn the trust of your guests and free advertising when you focus on producing great quality food. Once your fans start posting your hotel’s food pictures on Facebook and Instagram, it will appeal to other masses who are eager to taste your cuisines.

Every country has its own culture and essence of food. Guests travel to different destinations to encounter new experiences and enjoy the culture.

When they are in a new place they’ll want to taste the local food. During such holiday period, travelers also get in the mood to experiment with the new type of food.

You can seize this opportunity by experimenting with your menu. Ask a chef at your hotel who is well aware of the local food items and ingredients to start experimenting with the flavors and texture of the food. Then come up with some exclusive dishes that are only available at your hotel.

Therefore, keep experimenting with the food and surprise your guests with brand new cuisines.

Globally the lives of people have become busier and they don’t have time to cook every weekday. This is lead to the rise in the online food ordering trend.

Ordering food online gives people the convenience to get their favorite food delivered within an hour or so. Usually, an independent restaurant can take advantage of delivering food to their consumers.

But you can provide convenience to your consumers by letting them to quickly and easily reserve tables at your restaurant. In this way, you will save their time to prepare food for themselves.

One more way to maximize your restaurant business is creating its own brand identity. You can do so by giving it a name and creating social media pages. Further, you can remodel your restaurant so that both the hotel guests and locals take the pleasure of your dining facilities.

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