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Improve Resort Guest Satisfaction Through the Use of SMS Texting

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With mobile technology available just about anywhere, it’s time to invest in SMS texting to improve the experience of your resort guests. In the competitive hospitality industry, quality hotel customer service is important. Your job is to welcome your guests to your resort, remind guests of upcoming events, and to ensure that any scheduled reservations are accepted by your resort. When you provide excellent customer service, your guests will remember the experience. They will be willing to continue to receive marketing texts from your resort, and may decide to visit your resort again if you offer a deal that matches their needs.

Guests that are new to the area will want to know what activities they can participate in. A simple text can point out various shows that are of interest to guests. You can send out a link to area attractions, or provide a calendar of upcoming activities at your own resort. Let guests know that they are welcome at your hotel and provide them with a way to contact you if they have any further questions. Let your guests know what is going on by sending out a text message. Be mindful of sending out too many messages, as you don’t want to create message fatigue.

If you have deals to offer your guests, a quick text can let your guests know about the offer. You can send out a last minute discount for tickets to an area show, or you can even offer a free buffet to the first ten guests who respond to your text. The goal is to get guests to interact with your resort without bothering them while they are on vacation. Once a guest leaves, you can offer a discounted stay for the future if they return to the area.

When you have a hotel restaurant, your guests don’t want to sit around and wait to hear that their table is ready. Allow guests to wander the resort and send them a quick text message when you are ready to seat them at your restaurant. You won’t have to invest in a beeper system, and guests can roam farther when you can reach them on their smartphone instead of using a pager system.

When you are continually improving your resort, you want to share this information with your guests. You can share news about your resort through a quick text message, encouraging guests to try out a new spa service. If you are adding a new wing or doing a complete renovation, let former guests know about the changes. If they already loved your resort, they will want to see your space once it has been renovated. This can encourage future visits from former guests to your resort.

If you need to cancel an outdoor movie night or a musical performance because of the weather, a quick text lets your guests know the event has been canceled. If you want to simply change the event to a different time or place, you will be able to reach your guests instantly in a text message. It’s a fast way to reach your guests, and a convenient, easy way to get your message across.

Text messaging is an essential tool for communication with your hotel guests. You can share changes in the schedule and offer activities that your guests may not know about. Improve your customer service by implementing a text messaging platform for your hotel guests.

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