Important Features For Hotel Website Design

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Any hotel website is the first place where the tourist visit while planning any trip. So it is important to have a nice smooth hotel website design with all the necessary information on it.

In recent trends, there are multiple features that you can put on your hotel websites. It is like the latest theme, accelerated mobile pages, cart reminders, and many others.

But before going towards the advanced feature if any hotelier is starting a new hotel project, before going for advance, there are some must features that any hotel website should have.

Now let’s discuss each feature one by one:

If your hotel website takes too much loading time then the bounce rate of your website will increase. This will result in a less number of customers.

The speed of the website should be high, which means it should take less loading time.

  • The speed of the website can get better by reducing the line of duplicate codes.
  • Remove bugs from the website for better performance of the site.
  • Fast payment gateways for the booking.

If any visitor visits your website for room booking or searching for any information about the room and the services, then the visitor should easily find it.

Therefore, try to put all important information on the home page of the website.

Along with this, what kind of tours and packages you are offering can also be shown on the home page

The sub-page of the hotel website can have “filters” and “sort by” options too for the room types, locations, and many other constraints.

As well as, the book now button and the quick booking should be visible on each slide of any page. So that anyone who gets interested while surfing the website can get the room book for their stay.

The images, videos, and content are very important for the hotel website. Room images if put on the website visitors can see which kind of hotel room they are going to stay in.

In the videos, you can put the videos of the hotel surroundings, gaming section, and swimming pool. etc.

Along with this if your hotel has good reviews and testimonials then you can make a video of it. You can make a video that shows the positive feedback of our customers.

Take care that the images should be of high quality and clarity that will be eye-catching for your guest. Also, nowadays people are looking for a panoramic and 360-degree view of hotels.


The interface of the website should be good and compatible with all devices. Your hotel website should be responsive.

Responsive means the website will adjust its view for any viewing device automatically. The guest can see the website on a mobile phone, or laptop tablet easily without the section webpage being left.

AMP: Accelerated Mobile Page

An open-source initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) enables you to design web pages that load quickly in mobile browsers.

You can design AMP versions of your landing pages to aid in improving the user experience on mobile devices.

With QloApps AMP, your website’s AMP pages will be optimized for cross-browser compatibility, faster loading for mobile users, and improved SEO.

A live chat system and a chatbot will be fantastic ideas for website design. The chatbot popup will communicate with the visitors with greeting messages on the chat box.

A chatbot will provide instant and automated replies to the person. This will make the guest think that their problem or query is not un-notice.

Whereas live chat is the communication between the customer and the person on the live chat. Here any hotel website visitor can visit the website and ask their doubts and query.

This plays a vital role in the brand formation and sale conversion.

You can have a particular theme for the hotel website. It will have the proper website page division and image and content management.

The result of the themed website is customer attraction, present engaging content, and sale conversion.

Try to have a theme according to your hotel business. For example, like if your hotel is having eco-friendly rooms and environment-friendly hotels then you have a hotel theme in green color and accordingly.

More if your hotel is a cultural hotel, then have a traditional theme with colors and regional images.

Your hotel’s location on an interactive map can make it easier for guests to find it. In addition to providing a general perspective of your hotel’s location, Google Maps widgets might be useful for getting driving instructions to your accommodation.

Additionally, they provide tourists a chance to explore the neighborhood and outskirts and provide information on the regional transit systems.

A feature of hotel websites that is often underestimated is blogs. Hoteliers need to be aware of how important branding is to their business.

You may start providing value to your past and potential guests even before they consider making a reservation at your hotel by adding a blog page to your website.

Your website needs to contain an updates page, the same like a blog page. Keeping your audience informed of everything that happens in your hotel is a fantastic idea.

This was all from the “8 Best Features For Hotel Website Design”. I hope you liked the article.

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