Importance of Pre-Arrival Emails for Hotels

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If we compare hotels with other travel industries then it is observed that there is a lack of pre-arrival communication. Travelers get instant notifications about their confirmations after they book a flight or book a hotel room through an OTA. The airlines and OTAs carry the communication by sending on a regular basis such as a week before and also on the day of the booking.

Such a form of communication gives travelers a confidence in the brand. It also shows that these brands are there to assist them whenever the travelers face any issue. At the end, such communication leads to a strong bonding between the brand and the traveler.

But this is where many small and independent hotels miss out the opportunity to build a relationship with their guests. As such activity is carried out by rest of the travel industry, so the guests also expect the same attitude from the hotels.

Let us consider why such an approach is a step for the betterment of both the guests and hotels:

Through these emails, hotels can provide a well-detailed information to their guests for their upcoming trips. This also helps the guests to get familiar with the hotel brand. In the end, it results in fewer cancellations.

Hotels must look at the pre-arrival emails as a marketing tool to create more revenue. How? Well, emails can be used to introduce new amenities, promote special offers or packages and other activities.

With the personalized messages from the moment guests book, until the time they arrive, you will be creating an unforgettable image of your hotel for them. This will display how much you care about making your hotel the ideal place to spend quality time and impart a memorable experience.

Today, only a limited number of hotels are utilizing this approach to gain the attention of guests. So if you start off with your tailored pre-arrival emails, then you are definitely going to set yourself apart from your competition.

Hotels can go for various email marketing practices. For example, they can build a system that can automatically send emails to guests at certain intervals from the point they book a room till they set their foot on the property. This will be a time-saving process for hotels. Meanwhile, hotels can concentrate more on collecting data about their guests and their preferences to serve them in the best way possible.

As mentioned earlier other travel industries like airlines and OTAs are using the automated email strategy to communicate with their customers. Hotels also must not miss out and move forward with a unique approach to build bonds with their customers by communicating directly through the pre-arrival emails.

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