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The Importance of Front Desk System in a Hotel

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As the hotel industry is a very competitive sector, it is essential for a hotel to deliver quality service to guests. By doing so hotels can develop and maintain a relationship with their guests. This also leads a better communication between the guests and hotel. Once the guests are comfortable with the hotel staff and its services, it increases chances for them to become loyal guests.

Now let us focus on the front desk operations of a hotel. The Front desk is the central part of a hotel. This is also the first place customers visits. When customers enter a hotel they expect better services from the hotel.

So here are some ways Qloapps helps you to make a killer first impression of your hotel:


Suppose a customer enters a hotel then he would like to get a reservation within a few minutes. But if you use the traditional registers to manually manage rooms and enter customer details, it will definitely waste a lot of time. It may also put up a doubt in customer’s mind about the type of service they would receive from your hotel.

This is where the on-desk feature of Qloapps helps you manage bookings. With an intuitive interface, it becomes easy for hotels to manage not only on-desk but also online bookings. You can quickly assign rooms to walk-in guests, enter customer details and complete the check-in process within a few minutes. You can also check-out the departing customers swiftly.


You can create accounts for your hotel staff and employees with permissions from the back-end. This will help you to keep track of all the activities like who created reservation orders, who accepted the payments etc.


Qloapps gives hoteliers the freedom to add any number of hotels and rooms the require. Usually, they need to pay other PMS software companies after a certain limit of hotels or rooms. But in Qloapps there is no limit to it. Whether you have a hotel with a few rooms or more than 100 or chain of hotels, our system is reliable enough to handle any number.


Many situations arise where you need to reallocate rooms for customers on their demand. For example, a customer is allotted a room on the fourth floor. But he needs a room at ground floor due to his medical condition, in this case, you can easily reallocate the required room to the customer. Therefore, at the end of the day, you get a happy customer by fulfilling his needs in a matter of a few seconds.


When customers place an order to reserve rooms the process just doesn’t end there. For example, if that customer arrives at the hotel and he requires more than one room or maybe he asks for a discount. What if that customer has delayed his plans for the booked date and wants to postpone his bookings dates?

For such situations, the Order Edit feature of Qloapps lets you not only add rooms to a booked order but also add discounts and reschedule booking dates.


Managing the front desk is a difficult job. Using a good software makes it easy to handle the activities. This is where Qloapps facilitates you to streamline your services so you can leave a great impression on your customers.

Click on the following link to test these features for yourself:

Please refer to the guide to understand other amazingly useful features of Qloapps:


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