6 benefits of IGTV for Hotel Marketing

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Instagram is one of the most used platforms by travelers to seek inspiration. So it is one of the most impactful platforms for the hotels for marketing.  And with the IGTV feature of Instagram, the hotel will have more leverage of attracting the travelers to themselves.

With the help of IGTV, you will be able to reach your potential customers with video content. Although Instagram had a video before also but with IGTV you will be able to create longer format videos.

If you are an Instagram user then you must already know about this feature. But let us check what benefits it can give to Hotel Marketers.

In image in red and orange shade showing IGTV logo in white

Before making any purchase customers like to check the reviews of the product or service. The reviews from the customer themselves are better impressions of your hotel.

And if it is a video then what can be better.

IGTV allows you to upload lengthy videos with the help of which you can show video reviews of your guests. You can talk to your guests, ask them what they feel about your hotel and service and then record what they are saying. Upload these videos and done.

Such videos will feel more genuine to the customers than just a text review.

IGTV is also a great tool to flaunt your property by giving a property tour.

With default 60-sec videos of Instagram, it is not possible to cover your property in many details. But with IGTV you can give a full detailed video tour.

The video tour has not to be like a movie of an hour or two. But rather be entertaining and precise. Do not forget Instagram is not a search engine. Nobody is there to do the research. So being brief and directly to the point and entertaining will get you more views.

In comparison with other platforms like facebook, twitter and youtube the competition is very low on Instagram. This will not be a case always.

Right now, a small number of hoteliers are using IGTV for their hotel marketing. So the sooner you will start the better result you will get. And when there will be a time when this platform will be used by the mass you already had got on the top.

Sharing some engaging content on IGTV can help you to build a community for your hotel. People will follow your channel just for the video content you are publishing. This will make your hotel to connect with a large mass of audience.

Your hotel will get so many bookings from the community only. And not only bookings but your community will also be a good source of marketing.

The word to mouth will increase the reach of your hotel. And every single person who will become your guest will be a greater source of marketing.

Some Instagram users enjoy celebrity-like status on it. They have many followers and these followers take inspiration from these Instagrammers.

And this makes IGTV a great tool for Influencer Marketing.

You can invite such influencers to your hotel and then a video then on your channel will do that job.

You can post a review video or Q&A session with them. They can also share this video on their profiles which will increase the traffic on your and channel and also motivate people to make a booking on your hotel.

Along with these many feature one thing that makes this IGTV attractive is its affordability. A video can be published from any Instagram account.

The platform is also very feasible for the businesses uploading videos for getting some ROI.

Its all about the video content you are posting. If your videos are able to attract the audience which is interested in your services then you are through.

It is no doubt IGTV can boost our hotel marketing campaigns. It is on us how efficiently we can use it. And As I said earlier, timing is very important. You should start your campaign as soon as possible before the platform becomes crowded.

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