7 ideas to attract Business Travelers to your Hotel

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In 2019 and 2020 will witness a growth of 7% in the expenditure on Business Travel. Ergo to attract Business Travelers to your hotel is very important for your revenue generation.

Business Travelers are the market inside the traveling market that travels at every part of the year. They just do not have an off-season.

Every location is blessed with some kind of business and these businesses attract business travelers. So why to miss out the opportunity.

Here, I will try to discuss some of the ways to target this segment.

an image showing airport for business travel

No matter what kind of market you are targetting. Rate optimization is one of the primary strategies we should bring under consideration.

Try to understand the root cause of business travel. Such trips are concentrated on work. Their schedule is busy with meetings and discussions plus the weariness of travel.

Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers are not at your hotel to enjoy their time so allure them with special services at very reasonable rates.

One of the best services you can offer to these types of guests is Transportation facility. Providing pick and drop facility is one of the best ways to please your guests.

Apart from the airport pickups, you can also provide easy cab services to any part of the city. This will make the overall stay experience better and hassle-free.

And this will be a solid reason for business travelers to stay at your hotel.

Try to make your booking process as easy as you can. And for this, your website is very important. Have a smart website design and smooth booking process.

For this, you can use a booking engine like QloApps.

The web design should be very simple, just display most important information like the rates and availability of rooms, along with features and a few high-quality images.

Also with a smooth and quick booking process, you can definitely convince potential guests to reserve rooms at your hotel.

There are many reasons business travelers prefer bookings on flexible rates. And why not? No one likes to pay for the services he does not intend to use.

Business Travelers are not attracted to discounts like leisure travelers but they look for the services and facilities they make their trips easy.

So offer them the same by offering flexible rates so that they can cancel and alter their bookings at will.

As per Wikipedia

global distribution system (GDS) is a computerized network system owned or operated by a company that enables transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies.

GDSs are growing at a rapid pace and they have a large share in Hotel Bookings. Big corporates make their bookings through GDS only.

They are very important for your hotel as they provide the hotel’s information, availability, and rates travel agents very easily.

Loyalty programmes are very effective in customer retention. They promote your ex-customers to stay at your hotel again and again.

With the help of loyalty programmes, you make your guests feel special. When you appreciate your guest they feel an emotional attachment to your hotel and visit your hotel whenever they are again in your area.

There was a time when hotels just meant serene shelter and scrumptious food. Hotels had a quite simple role in people’s life.

But, Technology has enhanced the overall life of a human. We are now accustomed to the faster yet luxurious way of life.

Ergo, you have to march with the pace of technological advancements to attract Business Travelers.

Business Travel is a big market in itself and we should not overlook it. These were few ideas we should implement to target this segment.

Drop your views on my take in the comment box. Suggestions are most welcomed.

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For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket.

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  • Kyle Morgan
    I finally know what it takes to attract the visitors i desire. Thank you Ansari for the great insight. It did alot to the company. We love you.
    • Faiz Ansari
      Thank you Kyle
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