How to give Special Treatment to Hotel Guests

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Hotels around the world are taking extraordinary measures to please their guests and differentiate themselves from the competition. For example, Affinia group, which has properties in Chicago, Washington DC and New York let their guests log on to a website ahead of their arrival and select from a range of amenities including from pillows, acoustic guitar and cup cakes.

While Fraser Suites Sydney has partnered itself with a fitness company to provide fitness assessments to some of the guests for free of cost.

From these examples, we can conclude that different hotels have different strategies to attract guests and increase direct bookings. Therefore, even you can boost your sales by engaging with your guests at a personal level by providing them top-notch customer service:

In the hospitality industry, the first impressions matter a lot. You will make an instant assumption of the upcoming experience the moment they enter your hotel.

You can appoint a friendly people in your front desk staff who will greet your guests in a friendly manner with a smile. This will make the impression of your hotel staff is easy to approach and make them feel comfortable.

Ask your housekeeping and maintenance professionals to keep every area of your hotel neat and clean and use of signature scent. By doing so you’ll create a perfect ambiance. When your guests are met with a refreshing sight and a great aroma it will lead to a great impression of your hotel.

Greatest impressions are often made when not only we meet but exceed the expectations of others. It demonstrates that we have put in extra efforts and gone out of our ways to create a good impression.

So offer your guests a free tray of local fruits or a glass of wine from a nearby vineyard or anything unexpected that will surprise them.

They will be much more likely to remember your hotel and won’t forget this experience.

Well, known hotels such as Hilton and Marriott provide high-standard and exceptional service to their guests. They utilize their data base of customers to analyze about factors such as how they will attend to guests, what are their likes and dislikes, what are they saying about their service, where they lack and what they can do to improve themselves.

Consequently, you can apply similar tactics while serving your guests. Add personalization to your approach by knowing the names of your guests and addressing them with their respective names when they arrive at your hotel. Take note of any special occasion they may be celebrating and customize amenities accordingly.

Stay in touch with them throughout their stay and greet them personally. In these ways, you will be able to build a good relationship with your guests which will likely turn them into repeat customers.

It is understandable that it is not possible to provide upgrades to every guest who reserves a room at your hotel. But, you can make your customers happy by providing a room with a beautiful view or wi-fi at no extra cost whenever possible.Many hotels reward guests with upgrades who book directly with the hotel instead of booking through a third party website. It is also a way to encourage guests to make direct bookings in the future.

Therefore, by doing so you will instantly improve the experience of your guests. They will be encouraged to share this experience on social websites with their friends and family.

When you treat your guests in special ways, you actually provide them with a unique experience at your property. So when you go out of the way to deliver a fantastic customer service, the guests will surely notice it and you will get results in form of more bookings, positive reviews and referrals for your hotel.

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    Very interesting as i am working at a hotel and willing to improve myself on to keep my guests comfortable.
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