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How To Use Whatsapp In Hotel For Communication?

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There is no doubt that Whatsapp is one of the leading means of communication. Worldwide WhatsApp is an outstanding way of communication. From sending text SMS to images, video, and audio. Therefore, implementing Whatsapp In Hotel is not big deal.

So Whatsapp In Hotel has become vital in the hotel industry too to keep in touch with the customer. Most customers want to communicate over the mobile device on a chat system. Here Whatsapp seems the most used mode to clients.

They want all kinds of vital information related to their stay in one place. Henceforth Whatsapp In Hotel use comes into the picture. Here customers get all the information regarding the booking.

For instance, room booking details, booking status, hotel address, and many others.

There are multiple ways to use WhatsApp for the hotel. The integration of WhatsApp is done in such a way that it brings customer satisfaction. There are many ways to make use of Whatsapp integration. A few of them are discussed below.

Pre-arrival communication over WhatsApp is done before the arrival of guests in the hotel. It will make the client happy and show them you are concerned for them.

Therefore, sending the pre arrival message over Whatsapp with the booking details and journey details is a good strategy. This will result in customer retention and other benefits.

The registration and room assignment processes are part of the arrival stage of the visitor cycle. Send the registration process via WhatsApp and what the formalities the customer needs to do. By this customers will be prepared for the same. This will accelerate the process of checking in.

The period between the check-in and checkout is the mid stay period. During the stay, the customer may face any kind of issue. For instance, Wifi passwords not working, hotel lift issues, and many others.

Sometimes people staying in hotels face problems with served food, water heater, and electricity. To overcome all this client pinged on WhatsApp. This provides the just in time solution to the customer. Customers get the reply on WhatsApp. This gives clients satisfaction their problem is not unnoticed.

The communication done with the customer after the stay is called post stay communication. Hotelier sends the message to the client on WhatsApp. This message includes greeting messages like “Hope you had a great visit“.

In the WhatsApp message include the experience survey link that takes only a few seconds. This will help the hotelier to get the voids in services. The voids are the improvement area that hoteliers have to improve.

In other words, take the feedback as an opportunity. If the feedback is positive, do marketing with it. Whereas, if feedback is negative take that as an opportunity. This will help for improvement in hotel service.

There are many ways for using WhatsApp in the hotel industry. Here we will discuss the 4 best practices for utilizing WhatsApp in hotels.

Undoubtedly, the hotel sector is a leader in utilizing WhatsApp for business. Pre-arrival, check_in, stay duration, feedback, and many other uses.

Smart hotels will focus on their messaging strategy. Primarily on messages that actually benefit their guests. This is done by identifying the high value touchpoints.

With feedback from guests, the journey can be mapped out. The hotelier can decide which touchpoints are most important to concentrate on. Also, what do guests like about hotel service?

If the hotel knows the phone number and personal details of the customer then do not leak it. It is the hotel’s responsibility to care for customer data. Maintaining customer privacy is the first duty of the hotel.

This just implies notifying guests who have chosen and providing them with a way to sign up if they would rather not receive messages.

This is a smart and effective way for hotels to use WhatsApp. It also involves giving consideration to your visitors’ preferences and honoring their wants.

Above all, notify and message when a customer wants.

It is important to have a hotel WhatsApp business number. That number will not be taken for personal use. All the client queries will come on this number. For messaging to the client also use this number.

Do not message to clients from many numbers. That is helpful in sending sms.

Make sure that all of your important communication channels, such as Live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS, are consolidate on a single dashboard. This is for simple monitoring so that no visitor or potential customer message is miss.

The dashboard is useful for customer retention. As a result, hotel room occupancy will also get increase. That will benefit the hotel. As direct revenue get increases.

Lastly, let visitors know that you use WhatsApp: It’s crucial to let visitors know you’re available on this platform. If you don’t advertise it, no one will be aware that you are accessible via WhatsApp.

In other words, To make it clear to the guests that they can contact you on WhatsApp for quick and efficient communication. Mention it on your website or in your pre arrival email. This is actually one of the most amazing ways hotels can use WhatsApp to run a successful business.

Omni – channel conversation: in addition to WhatsApp, you may incorporate the most popular instant messaging services and show up on your clients’ preferred channels;

Chat widget: You can add our chat widget for free to your website and point your visitors to the channels they like to use for discussion;

Tag creation: Depending on the kind of request, you can assign tags to users to make it easier to recognize them;

Backup: This feature enables you to store all conversation histories. As well as, compile a detailed record of all user-company interactions.

That’s all for understanding the use of “How To Use Whatsapp In Hotel For Communication?. Hope you like it.

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