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How to prepare your hotel for guests as COVID-19 vaccine is coming up?

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Hoteliers prepare your hotel for guests as the vaccine is coming in the market.

And investors are hoping that vaccine can restart the worldwide hospitality industry.

Thus, more and more number of people will travel as the availability of vaccine gaining people confidence.

Further, in a few countries like India, we see a sharp decline in the number of cases.

So, hotels must pull up their socks to market themselves among customers to start making money once again.

The pandemic of Covid-19 shook the hotel industry extremely hard and turned many hotel businesses upside down.

But, with vaccine in the market raise shares of seven hospitality companies rose by 1.8% to 8.3%.

Prepare your hotel for guests as Covid-19 vaccine is coming up

Fortunately, this shows you can prepare your hotel for guests. Here are the key tips to consider in preparation.

Know your target market well before creating a marketing strategy to provide the visitors with their most look after facilities.

What matters most is the guest experience.

You cannot deliver positive outcomes without a positive guest experience.

Show gestures to guests to leave a good impression on them to form long term relations.

For instance, when they book directly with you like special services, gifts.

Further, you can upsell your room before the arrival of guests, send them to email to before arrival.

And invite them to upgrade a room or try other facilities the hotel is providing.

Even if the vaccine is available, the majority of people across the globe is still not vaccinated.

So, to stop the spread of the virus in your hotel, emphasis must be on the wearing of masks.

As it was not clear in the initial stage of Covid-19 to spread transmission wearing masks is more important than sanitization.

In the early days of the pandemic, sanitizing all surfaces was the priority. Hotels paid way too much attention to sanitization.

For instance, wrap crockery and cutlery in the paper after sanitizing it.

While it makes sense to frequently wash hands and sanitize objects.

But over-emphasis on surfaces makes us forget that Covid prime mode of transmission is through the air.

Hence, we should make masks priority and ensure everyone is properly covering their nose and mouth while wearing it.

Testing of hotels staffs is crucial to avoid transmission of the virus in your hotel.

Consequently, your hotel will remain in the competition and earn profits.

Conduct health screening of employees before they enter hotel premises regularly like taking their temperature.

The health details of employees must be confidential including symptoms of COVID-19, per state and federal law.

Further, educate employees about their rights and responsibilities one must follow.

If staff had close contact with someone with diagnosed or suspected COVID-19, has its symptoms or test positive.

Thus, they must follow the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for COVID-19.

With an efficient hotel, Property Management System software you can provide an excellent experience to your guests while keeping them safe.

You can manage your website its social media pages and OTAs.

In your website and social media pages, you can give details regarding hygiene protocols your hotel is following for the safe stay of guests.

When your visitors are checking rates on multiple OTAs, which can lead to double-booking.

A PMS updates the inventory in real-time and avoids double room reservations.

Thus, reducing sales losses due to human mistakes.

An efficient PMS ask guests for their feedback, lets you manage reviews and respond to guests queries.

Further, it automates daily tasks like making payments, updates inventory and price, manage night audit, email, housekeeping status, and more.

This will also boost cross-departmental communication that guarantees accountability and efficiency hotel.

There are numerous benefits which one can derive from PMS.

Like the management of Point of sale (POS) services, revenue, contactless check-ins and check-outs, and many more.

Hence, it is imperative to switch to effective PMS to manage small or multi-property hotel business.

Which provides all the features to fulfil hotel needs.

Artificial intelligence refers to the performance of tasks by machines, which traditionally carried out by humans.

AI-powered interactions help users to resolve queries.

They also advanced as a business tool to a point that a search interface helps you to collect information from various sources to answer your text or voice-based questions.

As old data has little or no significance in the current time, now is the best time to take advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

It helps businesses to sail through the new normal.

To maintain social distancing, you can use artificial intelligence in-person customer service.

In this, the robot will provide useful information to customers.

Another great way to use it by using chatbots on hotel websites and social media platforms.

It improves response time and enables customers to ask questions and get fast replies round the clock.

It’s not an easy task to periodically check the room inventory when the property is listed on multiple OTAs.

However, with an integrated channel manager with hotel PMS room inventory gets updated in real-time, saving a significant amount of your time.

Hotel industry starts using contactless technologies to manage operations with limited contact among staffs and customers.

Adopting contactless technologies along with no-contact solutions ensure the safety of customers and workers.

A mobile solution integrated with the cloud system allows staff to work from anywhere.

Further, guests can use mobile apps to order food, make payments, communicate needs with hotel staffs.

From above, we can conclude that by following above-mentioned steps you can prepare your hotel for guests.

And regain guests trust and assuring them hotel is taking care of their safety.

Ensuring the adoption of artificial intelligence, efficient PMS, channel management software and others surely win customers back. 

Please share views in the comment box.

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