How to increase Occupancy Rate for Hotels near Airport

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When people travel for the purpose of business or leisure, there are often situations when the flights are delayed or they have to wait due to a long layover. In such situations, the hotels that are near the airports are the best place for them to stay and spend a peaceful time.

The corporate travelers find hotels near the airport as a convenient option to rest. If they have to conduct meetings during the layover period they can easily go for a conference meeting between the connected flights.

There are also some guests who will search for a comfortable place to spend the time until their next flight. They would prefer to cut down the cost by staying at the hotel instead of traveling within the city.

For the above reasons you can ensure that if your hotel is near an airport, these type of travelers are your primary potential guests. We have put together the following tactics to help you deliver these travelers the best guest experience:


Most of the time the guests have a lot on their plate that they need to handle. They already are in a stress and the strict check-in timings make it even worse for them to book hotels when needed immediately.

The business travelers may need to go to meetings as per the required schedule. Therefore, such a guest will look for the nearest hotel options without any strict check-in policy.

In case of guests who are not sure about their next connectivity flight will also go for the hotels that would welcome them anytime.

With flexible check-in timings, guests will be free from the unnecessary hassle of check-in restrictions.


Time is a very valuable asset and the travelers who prefer to book hotels near airports want to save their time as well. So to save their time you need to have an efficient check-in and check-out process.

Today many hotels have installed kiosks that allow self-check-in and out. Mobile check-ins are also an alternate preferred method to make it quicker for guests to fulfill all the formality without the need for traditional methods like the paperwork.

Thus, by updating your hotel with such technology you’ll be saving time and convert them into repeat customers.


It has become convenient to book a cab at any time and anywhere. After all, we all have smartphones which are cab service apps installed on it to hail a taxi whenever required.

No matter how easy it seems, it is really tiring for a traveler to go through the process of book and wait for the cab after a long hours flight.

One way to stay ahead of other hotels is to provide a pick-up and drop to the airport option to the guests. You can either give this option on the website or provide your number to make it easy for them to avail this service while booking at your hotel.

They will be happy to have the transportation service from you as nowadays guests expect hotels to arrange the pick-up from the hotels.


Travelers are in a hurry and making them wait for the billing process would only create a negative image of your hotel.

Since most of the things are billed in POS systems malls and shopping centers then why must your hotel be left behind?

With a POS system at your front desk, you and your hotel staff can maintain the billing chart of the guests and save a lot of time. It will also avoid the confusion among the staff about billing the items consumed by the guests.

As a result, you’ll be saving a lot of trouble for guests as they won’t have to wait to get the billing details and it will paint a professional image in the minds of the clients.


Hotel websites that are easily accessible via smartphones are the life saviors for the travelers. With the mobile-optimized website, guests will be able to view the all the information clearly on your property.

Your website should clearly display the images, the prices and/or the deals for your hotel and rooms on the pages so that they load fast on the devices. Such websites also ensure the guests about the secure online transactions and make it easy for them to book rooms at your hotel.


Guests who are always on the look for some extra amenities that will address their needs

So, emailing the leisure travelers about the discounts on a conference room at your hotel doesn’t make any sense because it is not relevant to their needs. On the contrary, it is much suitable to send such information to the business travelers.

Let’s say your target guests are the business travelers. Sending them to post booking email about the various amenities like wi-fi, pick and drop facility to conference halls nearby etc. is a good way to win their confidence.

Consequently, you must communicate with the guests via emails to understand their needs and to create the opportunity for repeat bookings.


At the end, these tactics will help you to be the best hotel choice for the travelers near the airports. Be sure to be updated with the latest technology to use it to your advantage and keep the occupancy high during each season.


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