How to get Great Hotel Reviews from Guests

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Did you know that online reviews massively impact the buying decisions of 70% of customers? As these reviews reflect the honest feelings. Through reviews, customers express their happiness and some leash out with anger, disappointment or frustration. That’s the reason companies around the world take it so seriously.

Hotels are also aware of the above fact. Many are good in approaching and getting reviews which makes them stand out from the competition.

To get more reviews you have to be persuasive in asking and motivating the guests to give reviews for your hotel. With an email campaign, you will be able to follow up guests when they leave your hotel.

However, there are a few things you need to do to make your email campaign an effective process:

The tone of the message sent in the email determines whether customers will go for a review or just ignore the rest of irrelevant emails they receive daily.

Asking directly for a review is not the right way to approach. It makes you look sleazy and will damage your credibility. But if you go for a more passive approach that invites them to leave a review, that will surely prompt them to share their experience. So you need to do is ask them sincerely and add a link to the direct link to the review website.

The best time to send an email is when the memory of your hotel is fresh and has not faded away from their minds. Therefore, there are situations you must take quickly take advantage of.

There are moments that you have to keep in check where the customers can be asked for their feedback. Suppose a customer is actively engaging with you online and it shows that he is interested in your property. Ultimately, you must include such active followers in your email list.

Another situation can be when a customer who looks happy and is thankful for the stay while he is checking out your property. Then it is the right thing to send them a follow-up asking for a review.

I suppose a guest who makes a reservation was referred by a friend, then it is a great move to add the name of the referee in the email. It boosts the confidence and the guest will be motivated to leave a review.

Once the guests leave your property it is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with through a follow-up email. There may be times when may not able be to respond to you. Don’t get discouraged as they may be busy with their work.

Sending a second follow-up after the first email will be a better way to reach them. Furthermore, if the guests send a positive review then be thankful for their inputs. In case of negative reviews, try to investigate the root cause of the problem and do your best to amend it.


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