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How to Deal with Bad Hotel Reviews?

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It has become a common norm for guests to check online reviews and feedback about hotels. They visit review websites before making any decisions. That means hotels need to maintain the best online presence they can achieve.

But it is not rare to see negative reviews from annoyed customers. Such reviews can be costly and severely damage the brand name of hotels. A series of online complaints can have a serious effect on the booking decisions of potential guests.

Don’t worry, there are ways you can use to tackle the bad reviews. By following these few tips you can deal with those reviews and come out as a problem solver:


If you don’t have a page on Facebook or social accounts on Twitter, then you must go and create one. These are the mediums which allow guests to express their views and post feedback.

Make it a routine to supervise reviews on online review websites within a few days. It’s a necessary step as you will be aware of what are people talking about you.

This is crucial as both good and negative reviews influence booking decisions of potential guests.
Learn to scrutinize which type of reviews need your attention and which are meaningless.

A complaint about the bad behavior of a hotel staff or missing amenities is to be considered seriously. While complaints about ice cream were too cold or the sea was too blue are not worth your attention.


The customer representatives at Ritz-Carlton are known for their exceptional customer experience. Many other companies like JetBlue and Netflix take care of their customers in a friendly manner. This has created a perfect brand image in the minds of their consumers. It is one of the factors that makes them such attractive brands.

So the same can be applied in your case. Interacting with guests displays that you are attentive and ready to listen to them. It also shows that you care about what they have to say about you and you’ll respond to feedback.

The best way to respond to bad reviews is to follow them up. Study the review and understand why the customer has placed such a review.

Then plan a follow according to the situation and email them discounts or deals to uplift their feelings towards your hotel. Sending offers to customers that give positive feedback is also quite meaningful. It’s actually a great way to convert them into lifelong loyal guests.


Search engines display hotels high in search results that have most of the reviews. Asking your friends and other fans to post positive reviews is also a great way make your hotel stand out from the crowd.

The same strategy should be applied on social media channels. As most of the people do search for discounts and deals, so they may encounter your page. When they will see the positive feedback that will definitely encourage them to make reservations at your hotel.


In today’s world where digital reviews have an impact on the online reputation of hotels, it is crucial to delivering the best service to the guests. Make sure that when they leave their hearts are filled with satisfaction and joy.

If you encounter a negative review, humbly apologize if something went inappropriate. Show them that you will to your best to resolve the issue. Then try to find the root cause of the problem and promise to end it.


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