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How to contribute to QloApps project ?

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Contribute to QloApps- QloApps is open-source software and we all know that community contributions lie at the heart of any open-source software. As it is said,” It takes a village to raise to a child”. Similarly, it takes community efforts to curate an open-source project.

It is the essence of open-source that a diverse group of individuals collaborate and innovate the best possible solution.

The diversity in the contributors brings diversity in the software and when these ideas combine we get a solution that can bring a change in the current global situation.

QloApps community is also growing strong at an exponential rate. The software is getting a lot of positive responses from every corner of the world.

QloApps aims to bring about a change in the hotel industry.

When we observe the hotel industry we can hardly find a proper and true open-source software. The hotel industry is one of the best performing industries so why it should be deprived of the open-source community.

That is we call out for your contributions. And we ensure that we will always recognize our contributors.

Here are the ways you can contribute to the QloApps project.

As a PHP developer who has a great command on not only PHP but also MySQL and also knows how to use Git and GitHub efficiently you can contribute to code enhancements via pull requests.

The first thing that can be done in enhancing the current features of the system. if you feel there is a scope of improvement in any current feature of the system then just send us the pull request with your enhanced codes.

The team will review it and if everything is up to the mark then it will be merged with the main branch.

In QloApps we follow a modular approach to bring in functionalities into the system. The system has native modules that are there in the installer.

You can improve these modules to improve the features of the system.

Now we are referring to the addition of new native modules.

Any system can never have all the features that satisfy the needs of every business out there. And we all have a different mindset. So you can always think of a feature that is not there in the system.

Again we will need your pull requests on Github. And if everything is fine we will merge your request into the main branch.

The beauty of being an open-source software is that anyone who knows to code can improve your code.

We always try that keep the system a much bug free as we can. But still, if there is any left and you have resolved it then send it to us.

Again we are using the Github PR system to take the bug fixings.

If you have an idea to make the system more optimized and you can make the system work better then its time to make a pull request at the QloApps Github repository.

The better-written code the better is the software performance.

One of the most attractive things about an open-source solution is its security. If you find a loophole in the system security then it is very necessary to answer it.

Please make sure that as it will be a great help for the community.

But before you make a public announcement of the security issue make sure that you first inform the QloApps here so that we can act on it to avoid as damage as we can.

Bugless development is impossible we can just try to leave as minimum bugs in the system as we can. At QloApps also we try our best to make the system free of bugs.

Every release goes through a process of quality analysis before reaching you. But as we know it is a huge software with a lot of code files, there is a possibility that there is any bug left.

So we need you to report any bug you find in the system to our QA Team. Our team will check the bug and find the best possible solution to resolve it.

You can report a bug either on our Github repository or on our Forum.

We have implemented Travis and unit testing in QloApps. But you can also contribute to setting up more tools like Travis and Unit testing in QloApps.

The hotel industry is all being global as international tourists are a large part of the client base. So the QloApps ensures that the website remains international.

The hotelier can show its website in any language he wants. But not all languages are translated into the system. And the needs help of the local speakers.

The scope of contributions of open-source software is not limited to the software improvement itself. Its way beyond that.

There is a need for contributions to the documentation also. There are three ways of contributing to QloApps documentations.

  • Proofreading: Just like a developer can leave a bug in the code, a  content writer can also make a mistake. So you can think of it as bug reporting for content writers. If you find anything that is not correct in the document or there is a grammatical mistake, spelling mistake or a typo then please report to us.
  • Submit New Content: If you think there is any topic not covered by us that is in the scope of the software then you can submit your work to us. After analyzing your work we will publish it with full credits to you.

Here is the link to QloApps Docs:

You can submit an error in documentation or a new doc here

Open source is all about community and so does QloApps. You can be an expert in coding, SEO or any other trade and there is someone who needs your help.

The end-user of QloApps is a hotelier and he may not be tech-savvy or he may not know how to use the system properly.

We need to help him and answer his queries on the forum.

Here is the forum link:

Contribute to QloApps by suggesting a feature in it.

QloApps has the highest number of features amongst all the hotel software out there. We have tried to give all the features that are required to run a successful hotel business.

Still, there may be some features that you think should be there in the system. Because of the diversity in the community, there is always a possibility that there you have an idea for any feature.

We encourage you to request that feature. We will take a dig at your suggestion and if we feel then we will add that feature in our road map.

You can request a feature here:

Contribute to QloApps community by promoting it.

If you have a remedy to any problem then keep it to yourself spread it like a wildfire. There can be several ways for this although.

You can write articles on different platforms. You can share our articles that keep posting on a regular basis.

You can also follow us on our Social Pages and drop reviews for us.








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