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How to choose a website booking engine

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It’s not easy to choose a website booking engine. You have to decide why you need to use this system.

And what are the key reasons that could help you boost performance and customer service?

You cannot succeed in the hotel business if your website is not appealing and engaging.

With an engaging website booking engine, there the high chances of increasing direct booking.

Also, you can shift your traffic from Online Travel Agencies to official sites

Not only does it have a positive effect on profits but it also offers a consistent and easy booking process for travellers.

Things you must consider choose a website booking engine

A hotel website booking engine also called hotel reservation system is software integrated into the website and social media accounts of your hotel.

It helps you to obtain and process a commission-free direct reservation.

Further, it allows your guests to securely process online reservations.

Many people go surfing via social media sites for a decent amount of time.

It’s already a smart idea to mention your hotel on Facebook.

But, if you use a hotel booking engine, which helps guests to make a reservation easily via social media, it is even better.

Additionally, Hotel booking website offers other resources to hoteliers like integrated channel manager.

Here are few points which you must consider before choosing a website booking engine

Mobile responsive design can easily benefit your hotel to grab additional traffic and revenue.

There are a large number of people who book rooms through mobile phones.

Hence, hotels that do not have a mobile responsive design will miss out on potential guests.

It must provide instant access to important details directly after the loading of the page.

Further, it must have a clear emphasis on the user interface(UI), specifically designed for mobile, which makes it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

There is a widespread acceptance around the internet that a multi-lingual business website is a reliable global enterprise.

Hence, to make it international, you first translate your website into different languages of the countries in which you want to target.

Translating your website will broaden your potential market.

Eventually, it increases visitors and encourages them to book from your website.

Preparing a budget is essential because you don’t want to burn your pocket when the best deals are available in the market.

Hence, a clear budget for a website booking engine must be set aside.

The price you spend will provide several benefits, such as Property Management System or Channel Manager integration, mobile-friendly, access to payment networks, etc.

Always buy from that platform where customization is possible as per your needs.

The processing of payments is the most important aspect of the booking process.

You will be able to manage payments through the website booking engine you select.

Popular payment methods must be built in it or at least can be easily integrated. For instance-PayPal.

Online payments charge some extra money, so watch out for commission and transaction charges.

The system must be able to integrate with the company’s credit card gateway.

Those usually aren’t click-and-go though, because each bank has its own Gateway and API.

You will also be expected to meet the specifications of the credit card issuer such as SSL certification, refund policy etc.

A channel manager is a device that helps you to concurrently sell all of your rooms on any of your linked booking sites.

When a booking is made, it will immediately change your availability in real-time on all sites.

With its help is you can sell your inventory via online distribution channels around the world.

These channels may include Online Travel Agencies, retail travel agents, metasearch engines, global distribution systems, or direct channels (your website and social media pages).

You can face awkward situations and bad reviews if your real stocks and channel stocks are not synchronising.

As it can lead to overbooking.

Providing your customer with a great experience is essential in the hospitality industry.

Remember that customer experience begins from the moment they start their journey through the website, booking process, and end until they exit your establishment.

Hence, it shows that your booking engine is an integral part of customer experience.

Your booking system must manage other things like providing directions, advice on local facilities, etc.

Thus, your staff can focus on providing services to guests in the hotel and create a memorable experience for them.

A lot of travellers rely on the online booking engine to book hotel rooms. Thus, it will help you to increase sales and revenue.

You have to pay commission to OTA, so when you don’t depend on them you can save your money.

You will deliver the same convenience of browsing and reserving the room using a booking engine, much like OTAs.

Instead of being limited by working time and telephone capacity, the hotel will at any time take on endless simultaneous bookings, removing the confusion that alternative booking systems are causing.

Once set up, you can monitor any part of your booking process and allow customers to book online quickly and easily.

For your returning guests, you can create promotional offers and deliver customized messages with ease.

Easy updating of inventory across various channels in real-time.

Hence, reduce the chances of overbooking and underbooking.

For building a lasting relationship with guests, they must leave with a great booking experience.

With the advancement in technologies, website booking engines are also evolving.

Now the reservation systems are much simpler, faster and efficient.

Guests can now book directly from your website allowing you to take a coordinated approach to provide the best guest experience.

Thus, it increases the number of guests.

Please share views in the comment box.

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