How to build an effective video campaign

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Nowadays building an effective video campaign is essential to attract a group of people to your hotel.

There are various kinds of people in the market. Some like to read content while others like to watch videos.

There are different tools available to incorporate in social media marketing, and making videos is one of them.

Video content is more engaging than any other approach available in the digital market.

Also, many hoteliers are using it as their strategy to attract guests.

If you do not stay up to date then you may lose out from your competitors.

Building an effective video campaign for hotel promotion

Few are the list of things you must take care of, for creating an effective video campaign.

For making an effective video campaign, vision out strategies or underlying goals behind it.

When you chalk out strategies, then it makes you focus on your objective and helps you accomplish it.

Each strategic dimension of the approach is going to influence the actual output of content.

When the aim is to increase awareness of the brand, branding and set designs will matter most.

If you update about hotel facilities and amenities then you can create a short video to promote it.

Who is booking your rooms now is the best indicator of who is interested in your products or services.

You must have a clear perception of your audience and a strong knowledge of the site on which you are posting.

You must know the interests of your core customer and the amenities and features which they find attractive.

A clear understanding of the lifestyle of your target audience helps you create relevant video content.

What your competitors are offering and how you can deliver better services and products than them.

Hence, you must take care while making video and analyse thoroughly.

The more target audience connects with your video content and finds it interesting, then the more users are willing to watch it.

Doing it this way gives you a greater opportunity to meet a larger audience and create a buzz.

It’s good to have a video on the home page of your hotel-but it’s just the start.

You must make sure that your hotel videos are sharable and available on various social media platforms.

Few platforms are:

A large number of people watch videos on Facebook.

Because people regularly view videos when browsing through their news feeds.

Because people regularly view videos when browsing through their news feeds.

Facebook emphasizes the importance of catching their interest by displaying brand or product images in the first few seconds.

So even if the audience does not watch the full video, they will still get exposure with your name and logo.

Instagram, arguably one of the most popular digital media networks for hotels, also provides content.

The difference being that videos can be 15 seconds long and one of their many trendy filters can be added to the content.

YouTube allows people to discover videos in various ways.

Hence, you can use YouTube to more efficiently promote your hotel or brand to customers who are looking for it.

You may have to tailor your video format to the forms of communication you use.

Yet bear in mind the shorter videos on social media sites usually rate higher!

People will want to encourage their friends and contacts to view your video if it offers interesting and engaging content.

Videos can convey a message which you can’t convey in words, it can speak a thousand words in a few moments.

Therefore, you must be clear in the message or content which you want to convey through your videos.

It must be worth sharing and arise the interest of the viewers.

When we share an engaging and creative video as per the interest of our target audience.

Then we can easily grasp their attention and compel them to stay in tune until the end.

Example of different types of video content are-:

With virtual tours of your hotel, you can give a glimpse of your hotel to your potential guests.

These videos show the visiting gallery, facilities available in the rooms, etc of your hotel.

Eventually, visitors get an idea about the look and feel of the hotel.

The biggest attraction to your hotel sometimes is what’s going on in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Whenever annual or monthly activities are taking place in your city, hoteliers may send out a crew to film themselves having a wonderful time at such activities.

Whether it is an art exhibition, food festival, or any other activity, you can post videos to attract interested guests.

  • Firstly, decide the budget and purpose of your video. It will also help to decide the length of your video.
  • Perhaps the video is the first glimpse the visitors will have of your premises.
  • Hence, you must create an impactful and appealing video to arise your audience curiosity.
  • Don’t shoot everything and set yourself apart. Keep it short and catchy.
  • You may use a timelapse, a 360° for displaying a room, testimonials, or a video of the ‘tour-type.’
  • Finish the video with a call-to-action button from where interested guests can book a room, sign up for your email or newsletter, etc.
  • Good lighting will make the video look even more polished.
  • If the lighting of any room is low then use adequate lighting to give it a professional look.

From above we can conclude that by building an effective video campaign hoteliers can showcase their hotel in advance to the potential guests.

It allows them to check out the video and get a sense of everything.

When they like what they see, they will be excited to visit your hotel and book a room.

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