How to Build a Sales Team for the Hotel?

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Hotel sales have shifted over the last ten years. A few years back, the hotel industry was experiencing significant growth, and as a result, sales teams could easily meet their target revenues without much effort.

Things are different now. Success now requires a more difficult search for business outside of a hotel’s traditional revenue channels.

Furthermore, customers are more evolved and have greater access to information, to know more about the hotel. So simply providing the basic information is no longer sufficient for a sales strategy.

Selecting the right members of the team is just as important as putting together a modern sales strategy.

Sales Team for the Hotel

Your team should not only have the right setup, but also the right skills to produce results regardless of market or competitor changes.

Customer service relationships are important to a hotel’s success. Your sales targets will reflect how well your sales team is set up and performing.

The sales team of the hotel is a vital organ for the hotel industry. It helps to target the customer, customer retention, and how you can increase the sale and profit of the hotel.

So the creation of the sales team is an important process. Here we will discuss the steps.

Begin with your desired outcome in mind. The goal here is to have an exceptional sales team, so consider what kind of outcome you want from your sales team.

Your sales team will look different depending on the type of property, hotel segment, and several rooms.

For example, a big hotel chain has a different sales team, as compared to small-scale hotels. It also depends on what type of hotel you have. Is it only for food and beverages, only restaurants, or any resorts?

Based on your hotel type you should have your sales team.

After that, you can consider filling the specific roles for the hotel. There are two types of sales profiles you should consider for building a sale team for the hotel:

The Hunter: Hunter sales team is driven for ongoing, and eager to pursue new opportunities.
The Farmer: This is the team who can nourish relationships, provide excellent customer service, and establish warm relationships with the customers.

Everyone on your sales team should ideally possess all of the characteristics of a hunter and farmer, but certain personalities will naturally thrive more in one of these profiles.

As a result, tailor your job positions to those personality traits.

You are going on the right track if you’ve found the right people, but there are a few more things to think about.

Consider how each member of your sales team is prepared for their role.

Sales Team for the Hotel trainig

It doesn’t necessarily follow that you hired the right people with the right skills that they will succeed. Having a thorough onboarding procedure in place will help your new hires get off to a good start.

Be ready for your employees’ arrival because they appreciate a friendly welcome. For instance, it’s beneficial to give your team members context by outlining your hotel’s overall goals.

This could include elements like the hotel’s past, top attractions, setting, clientele, and mission/vision. If your sales team is aware of the major goals they will do their work accordingly.

Setting goals for the sales team is very important. The goals of the team should be realistic that can be approached as per the team’s capacity.

Set goal of sales team

The goals should be divided among each team member so that the team goal can be reached easily. If anyone is unable to reach their goal then train them and try to cover its loops holes so that they can cover it in the future.

The sales team for the hotel should be hybrid. Hybrid here means it should consist of seniors and newcomers. This result is that the seniors can assist the juniors and eventually it will give good results and the goals can be accomplished easily.

Employees believe that corporations have forgotten the fundamentals of working any job. For instance, having clear expectations and opportunities to perform well don’t always exist, which has an impact on employee engagement.

How then do you involve your sales team about your hotel?

You set clear expectations. Employees need to be aware of how their performance will be assessed, how to get in touch with their manager, and how to anticipate feedback.

It’s beneficial to consider training as a continuous process. To ensure that everyone is on the same page and capable of fulfilling their potential, set aside time for employees to talk about the big picture of their role.

Find ways to acknowledge achievements and convey to staff the value they bring to the team. It may seem easy, but it has a lot of potentials. Humans naturally desire to feel valued.

No matter what sector you are in, finding the right salespeople can make all the difference. The ideal sales team for hotels increases revenue, fosters a positive working environment, and enhances the guest experience.

The market for the hospitality sector has changed from being primarily growth-oriented to being more unstable.

You can build a solid foundation for your hotel sales team by strategically assembling it so that you can generate revenue regardless of the state of the market.

That’s all for “How to Build a Sales Team for the Hotel?”

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