How Small Hotels Can Sell their Room Effectively?

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Each and every hotel have its own size, it can have a handful of rooms or a thousand plus room. But for the success of any hotel’s size, the sale of the hotel room should be good.

The branded chain hotel, which has been in the market for many years, and its brand name is already established, for them, the room sale is a little simple.

Whereas small-scale hotels need to make themselves popular by marketing. So that people come to know about your property. Tell in marketing about your rooms and services so that people get to know about them.

Now let’s discuss what small-scale hotels can do to increase the sale of rooms.

Before starting any new thing for your hotel first check out the hotel’s loopholes. Check where you are lagging behind. This is suggested because once you covered your loopholes you can do marketing easily for your hotel.

The reason is that if any customer does the booking form your advertisement and after that, he did not get proper service it will spoil the brand name. You can get your loopholes from customer feedback.

So before offering and marketing cover your hotel’s shortcomings.

For Example, starting a complementary breakfast with room bookings, parking area, free of cost wifi, room service, and many others.

These examples were only meant to get you thinking; there may be many more instances where you notice weaknesses. When you have pinpointed a couple of the problems, you may start fixing them right away.

After overcoming the loopholes showcase your strength. This can be done from the past data of your hotel. What is your most asked service, what kind of room type always gets filled first, and many others?

Take the advantage of the plus points of your hotel. Suppose, your hotel is within a 1 km radius of the airport, railway station, and many others.

Small hotel sell their room strength

Therefore, you can use this prime location strength as an advertisement asset to attract customers. Your customer service is above and above what your opponents can provide in terms of amenities.

Your strengths shouldn’t take for granted. Instead, you must ensure that visitors are well aware of them while they are thinking about your small hotel during their travel planning.

Now we will discuss areas to boost room sales.

This is the most vital for any hotel to get direct bookings. If any person visits your website they should get the book now button easily. By online booking also small hotel sell their room easily.

The booking process on the website should be simple and smooth. As well as all kinds of payment methods should be integrated with the website. So that one does not leave the cart abandoned.

Ways to get a direct booking on the hotel website are:

  • Involving your readers with contests, surveys, or giveaways.
  • Researching the fundamentals of search engine optimization.
  • Directing traffic to your website from your travel agent’s online profiles.
  • Keeping the information on your Google Business Profile current and accurate.
  • Regular posts in the newsletter, blogs, and customer success stories.

Hoteliers will get more room booking from the OTA. Sell your accommodations via channels to guarantee that you’re reaching a wide variety of visitors from all around the world.

The manual management of more than a few channels, however, can be laborious, slow, and prone to mistakes.

You can overbook rooms if you advertise all of your rooms across all channels and don’t update your inventory immediately following a reservation. Your ability to sell is restricted if you divide your rooms among channels.

The ideal option is to employ a channel manager, which enables you to simultaneously list all of your rooms on any number of channels you choose.

Now once you are sorted from the bookings and how to speed up them. Now we will discuss some best practices that push up your bookings.

The small hotel sell their room from their website or direct walk-in. Here we will discuss another idea to boost them.


Make your hotel website SEO algorithm friendly. Try to put the proper keyword stuffing on the website pages. Try to have the Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO of the website.

Write a meta description of the website and make the URL friendly. These are a few ways to make the SEO good of your hotel website.

Promote your location:

Your destination is just as crucial to visitors as the hotel they stay at. Create content—such as blog posts—that highlight all the wonderful activities a traveler can do in your region.

To market your resort to specific consumers, you can even collaborate with other businesses or tourism organizations.

Keep treating your visitors:

An existing guest is considerably simpler to win over than a new one, especially if they have a reason to return or refer you. For returning, upgrading, or introducing friends and family, guests may receive points or discounts.

Make partnerships with local guides:

Create packages and bundles with other companies to add value to visitors’ stays and persuade them to choose you.

For instance, you may partner with a tourist guide where tourists can rent cars or scooters, and show them theme parks, eateries, theatres, and more.

This was all from the “How Small Hotels Can Sell their Room Effectively?” I hope you liked the article.

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