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How can you capture the market in the forthcoming season?

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Are you curious to know tips to capture the market in the forthcoming season of Christmas and new year?

Then you are in the right place. This year you have to be more generous because of the phase people have to go through in the year 2020.

With a number of deaths and isolation of a long time, the people have become more sensitive.

Further, the hotel industry faces huge loss so they will try to capture the market in the forthcoming season.

So, you need to be prepared for it. Create marketing strategies accordingly to draw visitors to your hotel website.

You can attract guests by giving exclusive offers, personalized gifts, memorable experiences in your hotel.

Capture your guests in the forthcoming season

Here I have mentioned a few tips which you can use to capture the market in the forthcoming season.

A lot of hoteliers want to grab this festive season to increase their sales.

Especially, this year due to pandemic many hotels faces shut down due to lockdown.

Hence, the competition will be high, so try to stand out from the crowd.

With festive season holidays approaching, add some festive sparkle to your hotel website.

Make your website festival-ready by adding some Christmas and New year pictures and messages on your website.

To advertise the upcoming season, use your blog and events page.

It is the emotional time for people as they will be connecting with their friends and family after isolating for a long time.

So, create visuals keeping this in mind and make your website festive friendly.

Moreover, make sure the website design are mobile responsive.

Decorative room to capture market in the forthcoming season

Whenever someone thinks of the festive season, it reminds them of happy times with loved ones, twinkling lights, gifts, treats, etc.

So, why not create a familiar atmosphere in your hotel where guests smile up again amid the pandemic.

Decorating rooms with red socks, stars, tiny Christmas tree or any other thing that cheer them up.

Decorating pretty lights at the corner of the room can make anyone smile.

You can gift goodie bags with personalized presents to your guests.

If your budget is not so high, you can offer nuts, candies, fruits, handwritten notes, or anything creative.

We know Covid-19 had lead to huge losses, and it is not feasible for every hotelier to incur extra expenses.

But you can make use of recycling products to decorate rooms. And gifting hand-made gifts to your guests will also work wonder.

This way, they can connect emotionally to your hotel and share their experiences in social media.

Moreover, the chances of rebooking your hotel for their next visit is quite high.

It is not possible to capture the market in the forthcoming season without knowing your guests.

In-depth analysis of your target market is crucial to know, what kind of majority of guests will visit your hotel.

Hence, analysing the market is essential. If you try to market your services to everyone, you’ll end up messing things up.

Hence, you need to target your marketing, promotions and relationship-building strategies to your target customer.

Furthermore, you can add additional information category in your website to your old and new guests better.

It will gather details about your guests, their likes, dislikes, anything that they are allergic to, etc.

By knowing your guests, you can take special care of them. Every little effort counts.

Hence, your efforts will not go in vain and create an everlasting positive impression on your guests.

And you can easily attract new guests and old guests keep on coming back.

You do not want your packages to be complicated, all over the place, or just totally vague.

Be sure that all your content and graphics, including email, social media, paid advertising, are aligned through your marketing channels.

It makes the message clearer and eliminates any misunderstanding.

Another way to generate more clicks is by creating urgency.

For instance- Save 40% on your Christmas stay by booking your favourite room today.

This way, you offer a straightforward and convincing deal to your email subscribers with a strict time limit to respond.

A press release is an ideal way to announce the happenings in your hotel.

You can easily advertise your hotel, create buzz, or get on the radar of consumers.

If you want your customers to book directly through your website and not through OTAs, then offer exclusive deals and promote it on your website.

Holidays are the season when most of the people pack their bags and visit places.

Hence, when guests book rooms of your hotel make sure to send them follow-up through emails and promote extra things that your hotel is offering.

For instance-Miscellaneous products, additional services, etc.

Be sure to segment the crowd to maximise the usefulness of this strategy.

Then you should submit tailored deals that cater to their tastes and desires.

Target your food-loving guests with discounts off your holiday menu.

Likewise, offer a discount to your spa lovers in the most popular treatments.

The guests must feel you are eagerly waiting for them. Hence, sending follow-up emails make your guests feel special.

The cheerful holiday season is around the corner, and guests will visit your hotel from all over.

This can be a golden opportunity to earn revenue.

In this blog, I have listed above a few tips which hoteliers can use to capture the market in the forthcoming season.

Firstly, you have to make your website look festive ready by adding pictures and gifs in it.

Decorating rooms and gifting hampers after knowing the likes and dislikes of your guests will make it look thoughtful.

Effectively Communicating offers and deals to your guests are also important.

By doing these little things you can make the most of this festive season.

Please share views in the comment box.

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