How B&Bs can improve online reputation

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B&Bs have their own unique place in the accommodation industry. It provides a more personal and homely feel to the guests in ways which are different from hotels.

Some B&Bs have private bedrooms with attached restrooms, some have luxury suites while some have extraordinary amenities that are a match to hotels.

The smartphone and internet technology have made it a lot painless to check information on any instant of time.

Now, this is a reason where B&Bs must pay attention to. It becomes important for them to build an online brand identity and manage the online reputation.

Let’s find out how B&Bs can manage the online reputation in the following ways:


Reviews and feedback are a great way to know what your guests think about your B&B.

As you know that TripAdvisor is the place where they share their reviews. Take time to read all positive and negative reviews.

After studying them devote time to create a response to both types of reviews. Take care of your tone while responding to negative reviews.

Be polite and promise to fix the issues encountered by your guests. This will display a professional image of your and create a good impression on other travelers surfing through the reviews.


When the guests arrive at your property you give them a warm welcome. You do your best to give them the comfort of no other place could give.

So why not request a feedback from them after all the hard work?

When your guests are about to leave, you can gently request them to share their experience. One way is to provide them with a feedback form or you can send them a link an online survey via mail or SMS.

In the feedback, you can have questions such as how their stay was, what was the thing they loved about your B&B, and ask for suggestions for improvement.

This valuable information will certainly help you to understand the areas that need your attention. Once you start improving those areas it will help you to provide a better experience for future guests.


A good number of niche groups of travelers are always looking for a place that gives them a personal touch.

So you need to regularly keep updating your profiles with the best deals on other websites and OTAs to attract such groups.

Be creative and start uploading videos, video testimonials, images etc. on your profiles. This move is sure to attract more travelers as you will be highlighting unique qualities of your B&B.

If you are missing on your own B&B then it is high time you get one. With the help of Qloapps which is an open-source and free of cost online hotel reservation system, you can launch a website in minutes.

The website will route online traffic where you will have updated the room images, prices, and other details. Through the website, you’ll get commission free bookings thus more profit.


The social media has become a place for travelers to search to get to know about travel stays in various destinations.

Become active by posting latest images, highlighting deals or offers, videos and as much relevant content you can come up with.

Another way to build a good social presence on Twitter, Facebook etc. is to regularly engage with guests.

By activities like tagging your guests or visitors, asking or answering questions related to your B&B, running online competitions are some of the ways to build a loyal fan base.


They say that attitude defines everything. Carrying a responsive attitude towards your guests’ requests and complains give them a sense of importance.

It also shows that you respect them, care to understand and deal with situations faced by the guests.

Apply this attitude when guests are on your property as well as on other social media websites.

Responding promptly on Facebook and other social media platforms also give a lasting impression on other travelers.

They will gain confidence in staying at your B&B and would want to experience your services. Thus, such a proactive attitude shall also bring in a large number of positive reviews that will boost online reputation.


Online reputation is not just an alternate option, in fact, it’s a necessity. You are bound to face a lot of competition online from other accommodation properties.

But putting in more efforts using these tactics will be fruitful and help you gain improved and reputed online status.


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