Hotels should get ready as things are getting normal post-pandemic

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The world is slowly opening up as situations are getting normal post-pandemic. Hence, hoteliers should fit in the new normal.

People especially businessman work were struck due to pandemic and their business were in hold for a few months

But as things getting normal post-pandemic, there is a rise in travels.

We are expecting travel to be a lot different after the pandemic, and so is the stay in hotels.

Hence, we must continue to adapt to it.

The primary focus of the guests after the opening up of hotels are safe and sanitize spaces following with proper social distancing.

Before the pandemic, the industry was one of the key components of the growing services sector in the Indian economy.

But COVID-19 crises brings things to a halt for a while.

According to the report of Statista, due to COVID-19, there is a decrease in revenue of the travel and tourism industry.

By 34.7 per cent from the previous year.

hotels opening up as things getting normal post-pandemic

Here is the list of things you must look before opening your hotel.

The designers and architects are researching and using their skills and knowledge to chalk out the new design for hotels.

The designing will be such that the human contact remains minimum and guests enjoy spaces.

The entrance must have proper tools to disinfect guests and their luggage coming in.

They have to give preferences to automation to avoid human contact.

For instance, sensor-based lighting in common areas, sensor tapes and gesture control flushing in common washrooms.

Overall, we can say that hoteliers should adopt touch-free interactions and technology-based sanitization.

Hotels must adopt some minimum cleanliness measures to enforce quality and safety standards.

World Health Organization has laid down guidelines which accommodation providers/ hoteliers have to follow.

The World Health Organization advises that fabric or absorbent fabrics should be discouraged, favouring disposable materials.

The proper sanitization of halls, rooms, common areas, elevators is a must.

Give special attention to objects which are frequently touched like handles, switches, elevator buttons.

The regular disinfection of water, air conditioner, laundry equipment, dispensers must be carried out.

Maximize the use of disposable cleaner and discard any cleaning material made of cloth.

If necessary to use a cloth as cleaning material then disinfect it with 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution before cleaning other spaces.

Moreover, personal protective equipment and face masks must be available for everyone in the hotel.

The staff must strictly follow the guidelines recommended by the WHO to protect oneself against COVID-19.

Their proper training is important to make them aware of the measures to be adopted to safeguard them as well as the health of their guests.

They should record all the important information which come to their knowledge regarding the health of their guests.

Thus, it aids in the early detection and management of any suspected case of COVID-19.

In the case of observing any symptoms of COVID-19, then they must take necessary actions.

To avoid contamination of the hotel and seek medical attention to their infected guest.

The hotel has to change its foodservice pattern to provide safety from coronavirus.

To prevent the cross-contamination by minimizing guests contact in hotel restaurants you may offer food to guests in the room or takeaway basket, whichever they prefer.

At the buffet, the staff should handle food. Frequently change and clean utensils and food serving equipment.

Clean and disinfect the tables, chairs, buffet surfaces after each service.

To reduce human interaction, hotel operators need to consider accelerating the implementation of digital solutions.

The mobile check-in and check-out saves time and reduces human interaction which is the need of the hour.

A 24/7 messaging app is becoming the new normal for hotels.

They use this for exchanging information about guests, their in-stay and post-stay information and their likes and preferences.

Use META search engine to connect with the target audience on a global level.

It helps to place your direct booking rates alongside those seen in other platforms.

Hence, encouraging more guests to access your website.

Further, marketing managers focus their energy on connecting with existing and potential guests with the help of digital channels.

This is to inform guests about the safety measures they are taking post-pandemic to ensure the safety of their guests.

Now the things are getting normal post-pandemic and people are moving in different places for their business purposes.

Now is the time for the hotel’s marketing team to pull up their socks to attract business travellers in their hotels.

As essential business travels will pick up after lockdown and in-person business meetings will come back.

Hence, hoteliers must monitor this trend proactively and implement strategies accordingly.

As per the reports of statista in May 2020, 60 respondents are comfortable staying in hotels if proper disinfection and cleaning procedures take place.

In contrast, nine per cent of respondents favoured the temporary closure of such hotel facilities, such as spas, casinos and restaurants.

Here the list of marketing strategies they must adapt to attract business travellers to their hotel.

  • Connect with guests via social networking sites, emails empathically by sharing what hotels are doing to safeguard the health and safety of their guests.
  • Work on Search Engine Optimization to improve and maintain your ranking on the google search pages.
  • Delay marketing spending on Search Ads & Social Media Advertising and retaining the budget for utilizing when needed.
  • To compel travellers they can create value-added packages for the travellers, include options for cancellation.
  • Even offer Book Now Stay Later vouchers valid for a few months to encourage impulsive purchasing.

In this global crisis instead of losing hope, you must explore new ways to improve your hotel business.

As you know things are getting normal post-pandemic, you can apply listed above ideas to improve your hotel business.

Please share views in the comment box.

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