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7 effective ways to get full customer satisfaction in a Hotel-2019

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Customer satisfaction is one of the elixirs needed to run any business.

Customers are the entity around which any business revolves and so does Hotel Industry. Customers are the fuel which keeps the business going.

Your customer satisfaction not only make you the leader of the industry but they keep you at the top for days, months and years.

But achieving customer satisfaction is getting difficult day by day. Guest’s expectations are rising with each passing day. This is increasing pressure in the hoteliers as it is tough to provide the perfect stay experience.

So today, let us discuss some of the ways to achieve a satisfied customer.

Okay, no matter in which era we are living hygiene is the first priority of the guests and will be a parameter to measure the customer satisfaction.

From the common area to bedrooms and bathrooms every spot should be spotless.

Operations like dusting, sweeping, washroom cleaning and air freshening should be frequent to ensure that your hotel looks good, smells good and feels good.

The check-in and check-out process has evolved a lot, courtesy check-in kiosks and smart devices. But still, guests need further assistance.

Many times in large hotel infrastructure and crowded lobby it becomes confusing for a guest. And it deters you from getting the level of customer satisfaction you are trying to achieve.

So be very clear and expressive about the directions. Your guest should be able to understand what he has to do and where he has to go.

The check-in process should also be very fast. The person entering your building can be very tired, he might be coming from a long journey so needs to get into his room asap.

Making a guest wait in such a condition can be hazardous.

Your behaviour with the guests is one of the things that your guest will remember. A smile doesn’t worth anything but worth everything.

Each and every person entering your hotel as a guest should be greeted with a smile and a will to assist.

Your aim should be making the guest comfortable. So train your staff to be patient and ever smiling.

Okay, no matter how much we try, customers will have issues regarding one or other thing.

Nothing is perfect but we try to go close to it. Ergo, if an issue comes up it is not a bad thing but if you fail to resolve it effectively then it is your inefficiency.

Many times your employees and guests get into conflicts. And this is very common because of the different personalities.

So, try to resolve the issue in favour of the guest.

People like it when their issue is addressed and they are heard. So apologies for the issue and offer something complimentary.

Every industry is trying to make their products or services personalized according to the need of the customer. From your name on the coffee to custom fit dresses everything is personalized.

So try to put some efforts in your hotel to offer some personalized services at your hotel.

Now the question arises, how!

The hotel industry has an advantage over other industries. And it is that its customers like to get promotional emails.

So send them promotional offers, allure them to visit your hotel again.

Apart from that, you can display the name of the guest on the TV when he enters the room.

If a customer is coming back to you again and again then he deserves a bit more than others. First of all your staff should remember them so that when they come they are recognized.

Every single of us likes to be recognized and stand out from the crowd. This creates a bond between you and your guests.

Run Loyalty Programmes, as they are very effective in making and maintaining loyal customers.

Today, we like to be independent. It is a common feeling that instead of waiting for someone to do a task we like to do it ourselves.

We are becoming impatient and standing in ques is one of the most annoying things to do.

So try to implement technology and self-service together and create a self-service environment in your hotel.

Obviously, guests have become more demanding and are difficult to impress.

Running a business in the hospitality industry requires both skills and hard work, which is not easy. But it is also true that it is the highest growing industry.

Ergo, if we tame this monster then it can bring us the prosperity we need.

So this was my take on how we can achieve a satisfied customer.

Please tell how much you liked it in the comment box.

Suggestions are also very welcomed!

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