FAQs regarding Hotel Reservation and booking System.

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There are endless questions regarding Hotel Reservation System. But Today, I will try to discuss some of the most popular questions for Hotel Reservation System.


A Hotel Reservation System is a computerized system. Which, most noteworthy, manages all the information regarding hotel reservation. It helps you to take bookings, manage inventory and make transactions. And It also makes your presence online by launching your hotel’s website.

Some of the features of an Online Reservation System are:

  • Launch a Hotel Website
  • Easy Booking Process
  • Offline Booking
  • Support for Multiple Languages & Currencies
  • Easy Management of Rooms
  • Discounts
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Image Gallery
  • Social Media Links

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Offline Hotel Reservation System is a platform which manages your hotel’s reservations offline. It is a software installed on your system which is providing you functionalities related to hotel reservations.You can store and retrieve all the information regarding your bookings, guests, and hotel.

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An offline hotel reservation system is just like a software installed on your computer. It provides you the functionality to take on desk booking, manage offline transactions (such as cash payments) and manage your inventory. But it doesn’t make your website. You cannot take online bookings and no online payments. These are the functions of an online hotel reservation system.

An online hotel reservation system not only brings these feature but can efficiently perform all the functions of an offline hotel reservation system.

You cannot grow your business if you don’t have an online presence. For bookings, you just cannot sit at your reception desk and wait for the guests to come automatically. You have to make sure that your Hotel reaches your potential customers. This makes a Hotel Reservation system most important.

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Yes, it is possible for Central Reservation System can attain the hotel reservations from any part of the world.

It is one of the main purposes of the central reservation system. It creates your worldwide website which can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. And through it, you can bookings.

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Nowadays, people are becoming tech savvy and they want to book the hotels/rooms from the four walls of their homes. The best way to promote your hotel is by using online hotel reservation system. Every single hotel is going for such software hence the growth of online hotel reservation system should be exponential.

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Customers can be attracted to these websites as they provide following functionalities:

  • Consumers can book hotel rooms any time of the day as which is a convenient option for working and business people who may book in their spare time
  • These systems provide a smooth user-friendly interface for consumers
  • As travelers are extensively using smartphones to book rooms on the go, these systems provide a mobile-friendly interface

Direct hotel reservation is a procedure to directly book rooms at a hotel via:

1.Phone call – Guests can call a hotel and ask for reservations.

2.Email – Through email guests request for the available rooms and prices.

3.Hotel website – Guests can book rooms online directly on the hotel website.

4.Front desk reservation – when guests arrive at a hotel to reserve rooms.

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Without a central reservation system software, you will have to get bookings through OTA channel and you’ll have to pay commissions ranging from 10-30% per successful booking.

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Both are the same thing. Whether you call it a global reservation system or online reservation system it is the same thing.

A hotel reservation system launches your website. The guest can make a booking from that website. Then from the backend, you can manage this booking.

A central reservation system does not interfere with your property management system.

Actually, a property management system manages everything regarding your property and a central reservation provides you the functionalities regarding the bookings of your hotel, for that purpose it ingrates with your PMS.

There are always unlimited terms in every industry. Hotel Industry also has a lot of such terms some them are:

  • General
  • Occupancy
  • Rates
  • Reservations

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Some of the Key Performance Indicator in Hotel Industry are :

  1. ADR: Average Daily Rate is the revenue generated per hotel room.
  2. Occupancy Rate: Rate of occupied rooms in a  Hotel at any time. 60% occupancy rate means 60% rooms are occupied at that time
  3. RevPAR: It is Revenue per Available Room

The following tips  should be helpful in boosting your average daily room rate:

  • Create Attractive And Complete Packages
  • Manage The Online Reputation
  • Pay Attention To Your Competitor
  • Give Lucrative Discounts For Extended Stays

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