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Essential Features of Popular Hotel Booking Websites

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Let’s be honest. We all know that there are millions of hotel booking websites on the internet. Either you have your own hotel website or you maybe be planning to have one. But whatever the case be, does your website contain the special ingredients to differ your hotel website from your competitors.

A hotel website must stay up to date as per the latest trends in the hotel website designs. The best and popular hotel websites help potential guests to systematically cater to their needs and make it easy for them to complete their reservation process.

So in this post, we will look into the essential characteristics of popular hotel websites:


When we are looking for some quick answers we tend to get impatient. It is a natural human tendency. The same goes for today’s travelers. If visitors don’t get the information required easily, they bounce back and move on to other websites.

This leads to increase in bounce back rate, thus effecting hotel website’s rank in search engines. The hotels that understand this tendency of travelers have a website that has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Such hotels capture the attention of visitors by displaying clear details about their rooms and prices. They also include menu on top of the website so that visitors can navigate through the options and easily find the required information immediately.


Travelers can use any type of device to visit a hotel website, maybe they are at home using a desktop to plan for a trip or they are on their way to office or college and surfing website through a smartphone.

Therefore, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or a smartphone, the famous hotel booking websites are easily accessible through any device.

Smart hoteliers go for a responsive hotel website that adapts its appearance according to the device being used to access it. Thus, to provide a unique user experience over range of devices, well known hotels have hotel booking websites with a responsive web design.


Many hotels use visual content generously so that guests are able to visualize the property. Visual content such as images and videos allow visitors to know more about the property. Such content makes it easier for guests to discover information about the hotel, the destination they are heading towards and to imagine how their travel experience will be.

By employing imagery and videos you can make your website more appealing and attractive to visitors.


Before purchasing a product or service we go online and check for its reviews. Don’t we?

Same goes for the travelers. They visit popular review websites to seek out reviews from other guests. This gives them a chance to understand a hotel from the point of view of other experienced guests. As these reviews come from other guests, it affects the booking decision of travelers.

Although a hotel website displays information, but it comes from hotel’s perspective. These reviews provide travelers with an unbiased information about the hotel.

However, the best hotel booking websites know how to utilize such reviews. They kindly ask their guests to leave a review on popular review websites, on their website itself and also display testimonials of previous guests. Thus resulting in increased number of direct bookings and revenue.


When a user finds it difficult and uncomfortable to book rooms, then that hotel website looses a potential client. They immediately abandon the website to book rooms on other websites. So, to deliver a great user experience the well-known hotel booking websites use a simple booking system. This drastically improves direct sales and decreases chances for visitors to abandon the booking process.


Websites are the first place guests visit to explore information about the hotels. The popular hotels have carefully studied the behavior of visitors to learn about what makes them book directly. So, they have adopted the essential features into their hotel booking websites to give guests a unique online experience that in turn encourage them to visit the hotel in reality.

Am I missing any feature here? Let me know in the comments below.


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