Employment issues hoteliers are facing

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Employment issues of an industry can harm the reputation of an industry.

As the reputation of the industry is hugely affected by its behaviour towards its employees.

So what hoteliers do is, they try to connect psychologically with their employees.

Also in this time of the pandemic, they make sure to make your employee feel financially secure. Consequently, this will build trust between them.

Thus, handling employment issues is essential for the motivation and performance of employees.

Healthy bond between employer and employees to resolve employment issues.

Thus, they must ensure to take the necessary steps to build an employee’s confidence. The various employment issues hoteliers are facing are listed down-:

The hotel industry has to take measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees in the workplace.

It also includes taking measures to guard against the risk of infectious diseases.

As hotels are the owner of the premises in which service-providers, guests, etc are entering. Thus, they have greater liabilities than the people visiting the hotel.

Hence, they must make good plans to ensure various issues.

The issues are-:

  • Taking government authority’s advice seriously and communicating it to your employees.
  • Hotels must instruct housekeepers how to implement safe and
    hygienic sanitation practices.
  • Circulate emergency contacts to their employees and also keep updates of their employee’s current details.
  • Training employees in the hospitality industry regarding precautions they must take.
  • Providing employees with all the equipment, like hand-sanitizers, masks, etc for daily use.
  • Inform your employees of any rights they may exercise when they are ill or taking care of an ill member of their family.
  • Communicate the steps you are taking for the safety of your employees and guests.

Globally the pandemic has a far-reaching impact on travel. It imposes restrictions on travel across various parts of the globe.

Thus, there is less or no occupancy in hotels. As there will be changes in the situation every day.

That’s way, hoteliers must closely monitor the changes to ensure that they are working in the right direction.

In this case, they are encouraging employees to work from home.

Paying them salaries and other benefits depends on the employer’s paying capacity and guidelines by the government.

If some employees can’t work from home then they can work in shifts to avoid transmission of the virus from humans.

Those employees who cannot work from home, pay them a salary, and other benefits as usual.

Some countries have provisions that allow employees to be on unpaid leave in difficult times of business. And at that time government will give compensation to those employees.

Still, there are many countries without such provisions. Hence, one cannot send employees on unpaid leave without their consent.

But still many hotels are proactively cutting costs this time by making changes in senior posts employee’s salaries and shorten employee’s workweeks.

While employees do not favor this. But this is done for the protection of employees.

As it will reduce labor costs and ultimately save the job of the employee.

Hence, the employer must communicate with employees efficiently their plans for cost-cutting.

This is to ensure that they implement any cost-saving measures in a way that is culturally appropriate and appropriate for the ethos of the employer, its employees, and the demographics of its customers.

Most countries recognize that hospitality and leisure were among the most hit sectors.

This is because to slow the spread of coronavirus social-distancing, shut-down and travel bans were necessary.

Fortunately, to help the hotel industry-government, as well as international institutions, are intervening.

They are helping in various forms including one-off cash grants, employee wage subsidies (usually a percentage of the employee’s salary), and business rate tax relief/suspension.

Taking advantage of government initiatives will provide a temporary way of dealing with problems until normal times of business returns in the hotel industry.

This issue is a sensitive one. When you find that any employee or guest of your hotel is showing symptoms of COVID-19 then privacy should be maintained.

Otherwise, it will create panic or anxiety on the premises.

Following steps must be taken by hoteliers in case of employee or guests are showing symptoms of COVID-19-:

  • Employees and guests/visitors must report hoteliers if they or a family member are suspecting of having COVID-19 or experiencing any symptoms like flu.
  • If employees or guests become sick during the day then they should be immediately separated from other employees, customers, vendors, and visitors.
  • They must seek immediate medical attention.
  • If an employee is waiting for medical test results, then they should be asked to work from home and to quarantine themselves. At this time they will continue to receive their regular salaries.
  • Those who have come in contact with employee/ guests who is positive of COVID-19 or showing symptoms of the virus then ask those employees to work from home at least for 14 days.
  • Employees who are well but have a positive COVID-19 family member at home should notify their supervisor.

In this time, extra care must be taken by employers to make sure there is no panic or anxiety in the workplace.

If an employee tests positive of Covid-19 the first action is, to call the local authorities immediately.

No chances should be taken, as there is a possibility of the virus spreading over the hotel.

And affect other workers and guests, which is not at all good for hotel reputation.

After that complete sanitizing of the hotel is a must, as it is the most contagious virus that the world has ever seen and proper and immediate action should be taken.

In this time of the pandemic when every industry is facing a shortage in revenue, employment issues are most likely to occur.

When this time cost-cutting is an easy way for industries to maintain their cash reserves.

However, it is also necessary to protect your employees during this tough time.

You can take clues from this blog regarding what you should do to gain the confidence of your employees so that they feel safe to work in your industry.

This will ultimately benefit both your employees and your business.

Please share views in the comment box.

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