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Common Guest Complaints and How To Handle Them

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This is very natural that all your hotel visitors have common guest complaints. The important thing is to control it.

Sometimes it happens that there is only one issue from many customers. So it is essential to look into the problems of the guest.

Try these problems to get resolve quickly. Along with this, it improves customer feedback.

Many times it also happens that there is some new kind of complaint face by the client. But it can be resolve easily.

So It is important to train hotel staff that how to handle customer complaints?

Now we will discuss the common guest complaint easily

Poor or unsatisfactory customer service is one of the most common complaints. Your entire hotel team must be well-train and polite.

Whether it is a front-desk manager, pool staff, housekeeping, restaurant staff, or gym trainers.

Common Guest Complaints call

They must be able to comprehend and listen to the customer’s emotions.

Furthermore, room service is a service that people do not encounter daily, so when they do, it is natural for them to expect nothing less than the best!

Sometimes unsatisfactory answers on the customer service number can also be the reason for poor customer service.

Of course, the quality of a restaurant’s food is more important than its service. Food quality can make or break a restaurant, and for good reason.

This is the primary reason why customers enter.

If the food is mediocre, or worse, unsafe and poses a risk of food poisoning. These words spread quickly via social media. 

For these reasons, restaurants can close quickly.

Food is the primary key for any hotel to succeed. This can not be compromised. I

f any of your other facilities is good and food quality is poor then this will be useless.

So if any of your customers are complaining about food quality then you should look into it.

Nowadays, electronic features are very common in rooms. Electric facilities like water geyser, electric kettle and many more.

These are a few basic electric requirements that every hotel is giving nowadays.

Free wifi is very common for those who are staying in a hotel. They can access it and use it free of cost.

If any hotelier wants can put some kind of security in wifi.

But if any electric facility is not in working condition it will spoil the stay of the visitor.

This creates negative feedback and rates down the hotel.

When a guest complains about the damage or malfunctioning of an electronic item.

It is the responsibility of the hotel management to have the electronics repaired.

Good staff is the backbone of any organization. If the staff is good, the organization will grow exponentially.

If it is poor no one can save it. The good working staff is like the face of the organization.

It is the one who handles the customer. They also handle customer issues, requirements, and many other things.

If your staff is unable to answer the visitor about the product and services of the hotel then it creates a bad impression.

So your staff must know about services. By this, they can answer the customer.

This is helpful for staff to handle common guest complaints.

Whether it’s a local hotel or a five star hotel, there’s always the chance of rooms being dirty or unclean.

Due to previous guests’ late checkouts or early check-ins, or for any other reason.

There is a good chance that the bathroom isn’t clean, that the washbasin is filthy, and that there are hairs in the bathtub or on the bed.

Even housekeeping occasionally fails to collect items left in the cupboard by previous guests.

These are some of the factors that may irritate your hotel guests.

All guest complaints, whether in-person or online, should be addressed quickly and decisively.

Allowing a problem if the delay can turn into a minor annoyance can be harmful

Results a loyal guest chooses not to come back.

Therefore, it is important to respond to a complaint as soon as possible.

This demonstrates a commitment to guest satisfaction and quality customer service.

Train your staff to handle guest complaints.

Assign each department head the responsibility of keeping a log of guest complaints.

Take note of the time and date of the complaints, as well as the guest’s name and room number.

Describe the guest’s complaint, the proposed solution, and whether or not the problem was resolved.

Maintain a record of the status of guest complaints to ensure that the appropriate team members are notified.

After that, the complaint is resolved. Logging complaints and analyzing customer feedback can assist in identifying trends.

Such as poor cleanliness or inconsistent customer service.

Use the logbook to identify repair needs, hotel front desk training opportunities, and operational improvement opportunities.

Follow up with guests who make a complaint, even if they have no plans to return to your area shortly.

Send them an email after they’ve left, or invite them to a video call to discuss their experience with you in greater detail.

Hoteliers who did not personally speak with a disgruntled guest can discuss the original complaint.

How it was handled, and whether the guest left with a positive or negative impression of the hotel.

Go the extra mile even though you follow it up with the customer after resolving the issue.

Give a discount for a future stay when the guest departs.

Alternatively, provide complimentary airport transportation. So that, unpleasant incident may have already been forgotten.

By these nice little embellishments will start creating a very positive outlook toward your hotel brand.

You admitted your error, corrected it, and apologized appropriately.

Happy good-byes will be your hotel’s very last impression, so make sure it’s pleasant and not the last time you see this guest.

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